Yıldız Mountain Preparing for New Ski Season

Yıldız Mountain is Preparing for the New Ski Season: Preparations for the new ski season at Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center by Sivas Special Provincial Administration continue.

The works initiated after the season has ended at Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center, which is the prestige project of Sivas, continues. After the completion of a large part of the construction in the center, the Special Provincial Administration, which attaches importance to landscaping, started to lay the square of the ski center, around the daily facilities and the hotel with a cube stone. The administration teams, which expanded the existing car park by paving all the connection roads within the facility, also offer parking service to ski lovers by parking in different regions.

Providing the system that connects the T-Bar, the hotel and the two day-to-day facilities in the center, the Provincial Special Administration provides the opportunity for those who are at the hotel and the two day-to-day facilities to enjoy T-Bar at any time and enjoy the skiing pleasure. Repair and arrangement work continues in the buildings in the facilities where new rainwater lines and canals are also built. While 3 spruce and pine saplings are planted on the tracks until now in the ski center, where afforestation works continue, it is planned to bring 50 thousand more trees to the soil in September.

With the new season, ski lovers will be able to enjoy skiing at night in Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center, where track lighting systems are also made after the environmental lighting completed last year. On the other hand, it has been extended to 200 meters with the new arrangement on the track, which is 356 meters long for sled lovers and novice skiers.

The Special Provincial Administration, which provides a new one to the log houses located in the facilities, is building a new facility to the summit of the mountain in addition to the two logs. Artificial snowing systems and pond construction continues the administration, 2016-2017 ski season during the days when the snowfall is insufficient with the artificial snowing system will allow ski lovers to ski.