Bursa Airport Bus Terminal Airport Concept

Airport Concept of Bursa Intercity Bus Terminal: Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy, who met with office owners and operators in Bursa Intercity Bus Terminal, said that they are working to capture the concept of airport in service quality.
Municipality example to Turkey operated by Burulaş Intercity Bus Terminal's subsidiaries quickly while working in the direction to be a complex, Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy, office holders and met in the final evaluation meeting year with operators. Gemlik Atatepe Speaking at the meeting held in the Social Facilities Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy, "he 5 years d by the introduction in very poor condition circuit for our terminal Metropolitan Municipality, which has become today one of Turkey's most beautiful terminals. In addition to security and cleaning services, we try to maximize the service quality with visual improvements and catch the airport concept. For this reason, we met with our business partners, terminal traders and operators. We will discuss the issues we are experiencing, the expected improvements and the quality of the service. Yaş
Fidansoy stated that the most important problems experienced in the terminal is the lack of customers, the City Square-Terminal tram line with more passengers can be provided to the terminal drew attention. Fidansoy, who reminded that the project tender of the 8 kilometer tram line going to the left and the left side of the median center was made, stated that construction could be started after the construction tender and the second stage formed the section extending from the bridge to Demirtaş OSB entrance.
Bursa Otogar Craftsmen and Employees Assistance and Solidarity Association President Yılmaz Ataş said that the biggest problem of terminal tradesmen is the small number of customers. At the terminal collection of the vehicles coming from the districts as a single center, the terminal is moving from different points outside the terminal to the terminal, such as driving the bus to the terminal, indicating that the mobility of operations can be increased, problems, and discussed ways of believing such meetings will be useful, he added.

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