Extreme Rainfall On Road

Heavy Rain Covered Road in Sök: Traffic in the landslide caused by a downpour in Söke was closed to traffic. Many houses were flooded due to heavy rainfall.
In the Sazlı neighborhood of Söke, heavy rain showers in the morning caused rock fragments and soil slipping from the mountain near the highway. On the Aydın-Söke Highway, where necessary measures were taken by the traffic teams, the construction equipment of Söke Municipality, OSB and Highways worked. Long vehicle queues occurred on the road, which was closed to traffic from time to time due to the works.
The houses of the Sazlı neighborhood on the lower part of the road were flooded. Due to heavy rains, the water coming from the highway destroyed the wall of the house on the side of the highway. While the waters filled in the houses of many houses fill the inside of the houses; The citizens experienced fearful moments. The only consolation of the citizens who suffered from the damage of the goods in the houses was that there was no loss of life. Citizens flooded their homes in the Sazlı neighborhood; They say that all the items in their homes have been damaged and they are victimized.
It was stated that Soke Mayor Süleyman Toyran and Vice President Ahmet Karakaş came to Sazlı neighborhood in the morning and made investigations and received information from the residents. In Sazlı, where the construction machines of Söke Municipality made great efforts to clean the rubble from the mountain with both precipitation and landfall, the teams affiliated to the ASKI General Directorate of Aydın Metropolitan Municipality were also mobilized to discharge the water from the flooded houses.

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