PA will choose consultants for bridges and highways

The PA will select consultants for bridges and highways: the privatization process will start in 2015, while the privatization process will be selected by the end of the month for privatization of the PA, bridges and highways.
Privatization Administration (ÖİB), İstanbul 1. and 2. while opening a tender to select a consultant within the scope of the privatization of some highways with the bridge; the privatization process is expected to start in the first quarter of next year.
According to the information provided by the information on the subject, the PA sent letters of invitation to the relevant companies to select a consultant, and the proposals could be submitted by the end of November.
A source with information on the subject said, “The method of privatization will be decided together with the consultant. After the cancellation of the first tender, the public offering option came to the fore, but besides this, the privatization of the transfer of the right to operate again or grouping according to the revenues of the bridges and highways are among the options discussed. ”
Another source with information about the process is, “First of all, the decision of the Privatization High Council should be issued. After the completion of this, the privatization process is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2015 ”.
The tender given by Gözde Girişim GOZDE.IS, a joint venture group of Koç Holding -Manesia UEM Group Berhad-Yıldız Holding, with the best offer of 1 billion dollars, for the privatization of Istanbul 2st and 25nd bridges and some highways for 2012 years; According to the work done by Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, after the assessment that the privatization value should be the lowest 5.72 billion dollars, it was canceled by the AGB.
In a bag law adopted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly in February this year, it was envisaged to transfer the relevant highways and facilities of the General Directorate of Highways to a company for the public sale of bridges and highways. Accordingly, if it is decided to apply the share sales method within the framework of the Privatization Law, highways; It will grant the operating rights of motorways and their maintenance and operation facilities and assets to the joint stock company to be established by the PA for 25 years at no cost.

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