The Longest Cable Car in the World Will Be Opened For The New Year

Uludag Cable Car
Uludag Cable Car

Continuing its services with the goal of 'more livable and more accessible Bursa', Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said that the cable car, which adds value to the city, will reach the Hotels Region from the beginning of the year.

The cable car, which is renewed within the scope of the works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality in order to make Bursa a more accessible brand city, extends to the Hotel Zone. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, the Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality of Mustafa Altin together with the new ropeway 2. stage of ongoing work in the stage. Bursa Teleferik Inc. General Manager Ilker Cumbul'dan received information about the latest situation in the work of President Altepe, gave the good news to the residents of Bursalilara.

Destination Hotels Region

Altepe said the new ropeway attracted great attention, ın The restoration work of the ropeway, which is the symbol of Bursa, was rapidly continuing. In the first place we opened the line between Teferrüç and Sarıalan this year. In the first phase of the ropeway, the 4 carried 450 a thousand people in the month. Now, our main goal is to reach the Hotel Zone, and even ongoing work between Sarıalan and the Hotel Zone are coming towards the end, ler he said.

President Altepe, the first stage between Bursa center and Sarıalan 4500 meters, saying that the line, saying ler After the first stage between Sarıalan and Hotels Region between the 4500 meter line with the 9 is a kilometer line. In this way, one of the longest ropeway lines in the world is also in service in Bursa ın.

Altepe said, una We have come to the end of the concrete works in the second stage. The final layer of concrete is about to be laid these days. We are at the most recently built Hotels Station. Our machine room is fully assembled and can be operated at any time. The complete assembly of the masts was completed. At this time, the guide wire is pulled and the wire will start rotating in a few days. After pulling the normal rope that will carry on the cabinets, the rope will start to rotate after the month. Kabin

22 9 km journey per minute

President Altepe emphasized that there is no hitch in the construction works until today, baş As we aimed, transportation will be provided from Bursa center to Hotel Zone, ie hotels and ski slopes. The citizens who ride the cable car from Bursa will reach the ski slope in front of the 22 - 23 in about a minute. This comfort will be presented from the beginning of the year, "he said.

N 4 season in Uludag “

Mayor Altepe, with the renewal of the cable car, the city's great acceleration kazanHe also reminded that the cable car will extend to the Hotels Region and will add a different value to Bursa tourism. Thus, both the hotels and the Hotels Region will become a living center that can be used for 4 seasons.”
President Altepe, with the 2nd stage of the cable car, both Bursa and tradesmen kazanHe added that both the city and the city tourism will develop.

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