Düldül Mountain Cable Car Project

duldul mountain
duldul mountain

📩 10/03/2019 16:00

The last point reached in the Düldül Mountain Ropeway Project: The support of Doğaka was informed to the press about the last point reached in the Düldül Mountain Cable Car Project, which was jointly owned by the Osmaniye Governorship Special Provincial Administration and Düziçi Municipality.

In the meeting hall of Düziçi Municipality, a press conference for the miners who died in Soma was held with a minute of silence at the press conference of the Düldül Mountain Cable Car Project in 14.00.

In the speech made to the press by Serhan Yildiz, Head of the Department of Surveying Engineering at Osmaniye Korkut Ata University, içinde In the 10 days, we will prepare a final report to our agency and start by giving my knowledge. This project was initiated by Duzici Municipality with the support of Korkut Ata University Project and a partnership between Osmaniye Special Provincial Administration. Now, the upper and lower stations of our ropeway, the available passenger capacities and metoorological data (Precipitation and Wind Status) were determined. All the analysis and data were collected 10 will be brought into a booklet after the day and the relevant institutions and Düziçili citizens will be informed again. Our Mayor Ökkeş Namlı and the members of our municipal council members and the instructions of our municipality to increase the level of economic prosperity as a result of our work as a result of the nature of the nature of the sports center Düldül Dag, Paragliding Paragliding in our district every day development, Düziçi Covered, Soap tea and waterfalls, Berke Dam and the fact that we have been to the historical Harun Ur Reşit Castle led us to the search and preparation of a tourism project.

In this context, we examined the projects supported by DOĞAKA and acted for the establishment of a ropeway system on the Düldül Mountain which is very suitable for the ropeway. On this road we received the support of the Project at Korkut Ata University, we got support from our special provincial administration and set out with a triple partnership.

With the realization of the cable car project in Düziçi Düldül Mountain, it will gain great income from tourism, gain new employment areas, and our presentation will be better. Our contribution to the economy will increase. A boutique hotel will be opened with the arrival of the cable car and we want to create a ski resort by providing skiing from the snow during the 6 month. The project will be implemented in three years and will pay off in 8 annually. Proje