Railway workers on the way to Ankara

Railroad workers are on their way to Ankara: BTS member railway workers in action against privatization. The United Transport Workers' Union (BTS), which is part of the KESK, has been on its way to protest the privatization of railways. One of the marches of the union, 24, to end in front of TCDD General Directorate in Ankara in November, started from Balıkesir.

BTS Secretary General Hasan Bektaş who made a press statement before the march in Balıkesir Railway Station said, leri It is the unfair practices of AKP and AKP bureaucrats on the railroads that shed us on the roads, whose name is justice but exhibits the opposite of this word. Balıkes Following the emergence of the Railway Law, some of the workplaces were closed, some were combined, the staff was assigned to requests outside of a part of the Bektas said:

Ir Steps are being taken by the AKP administration and TCDD bureaucrats to commercialize railway service from public service, commercialize the right of transportation and benefit from this service in a more expensive way and to open the way for cheap and precarious labor. Finally, under the name of optimization, the location of 519 staff was changed outside of their own wishes, while some workplaces were merged and closed. TCDD management, which takes power from the political power, has been carrying out practices in order to remove our acquired rights one by one. False and biased policies implemented by TCDD lead us to be unjust. And if we do not stop, these applications will continue. Ve

Balıkesir Democracy Platform (BALDEP), trade unions affiliated with KESK and CHP Balıkesir organization also supported the action of the BTS. Participants in the action, 'We will put things on the track', 'Resistance will win the resistance' carried banners, "The future will come, will turn to the AKP to account for the public," he threw the slogan. Following the press release, the railway workers and officials walking on the rails accompanied by the slogans devam You will never walk alone ”will reach Izmir in the evening and the march will continue tomorrow.
TCDD employees, along with Balikesir, Istanbul, Van, Gaziantep and Zonguldak from the start of the 24 in Ankara in November with a press release in front of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD).

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