CHP Kocaeli Deputy Akar Does Not Give Up After the Train

MP runs away from the big city deputy flows train job
MP runs away from the big city deputy flows train job

Previously Adapazarı-Haydarpaşa flights to the Island Express, after the High Speed ​​Train work can not regain its former operability in a kind of regional train in general used by the civil servants and students also experienced a big decrease in the number of passengers.

CHP PM member of the Haydar Akar Kocaeli Deputy raised the number of trips to 10 in May lastly, the number of 8 was reduced to Derbent and Köseköy stops were canceled.


CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar, previously 12 departure and 12 turn-round was made as a total of 24 Adapazarı-Haydarpaşa express the victim made changes in the number of stops and voyages, said that in the month before the 30 thousand passengers took advantage of the 30 thousand passengers per month.


Akar underlined that the number of flights and stops should be increased to the authorities many times. again with the victimization was born. Akar, who requested information from TCDD on this subject, said that the works started on 2 May 2019 will be completed on 7 December 2019.

TCDD stated that the daily 10 round trip was reduced to 8 with the cancellation of Köseköy and Derbent stops.

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