22 Smart Junction in Urfa

22 Smart Junction in Urfa: Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality: Smart Signaling Project N of 1. 5 started to work on the implementation of a smart junction at a separate point.
The Department of Transportation uses the trafik Smart Signaling Project yoğun 24 to reduce traffic density and monitor intersections 1 hours. Mardin-Diyarbakır Ring Road Sırrın Junction and Sanliurfa Diyarbakır Highway work on the 4 junction.
Thanks to the smart intersections, it is planned to adjust the signaling times depending on the traffic density and to eliminate the traffic congestion in this direction as soon as possible. In addition, thanks to the smart intersections 24 hour monitoring of the intersection will be provided, data on city traffic will be obtained.
Mahmut Kırıkçı, Deputy Secretary-General of the Metropolitan Municipality made a statement on the subject. The 22 smart junction will be done by the end of this year. The 5 intersection will be crossed as early as next week. With the 24 clock based camera records, traffic will be monitored and data will be obtained. In the future we will work predetermined regarding the city's traffic problem, and we will resolve the traffic intensity that will be.

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