Sanliurfa Children's Traffic Training Park is Near

sanliurfa child traffic education park has reached the end
sanliurfa child traffic education park has reached the end

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality made by and after a short time the service was started, which will be presented to citizens in Turkey's largest asphalt paving work at this time Children's Traffic Training Park.

Turkey's youngest city of Sanliurfa in the youth and continue to invest for the future Metropolitan Municipality, a more conscious society to children traffic rules and culture on behalf of train while he was still in the process of growth to gain adds to Sanliurfa Children Traffic Training Park. Within this scope, asphalt paving works have been started in the Children's Traffic Training Park, where the works are progressing rapidly. 32 Children's Traffic Training Park, built on a thousand square meter green area, children will be able to receive all kinds of training on behalf of traffic by experienced instructors.


32 is designed on a thousand square meters of green area and 14 is designed on a thousand square meters of usage area. Disabled students are not forgotten in the project, students, using battery powered vehicles will have received traffic training. 140 buildings, open air classrooms, children's playground and a clover junction, pedestrian crossings, pedestrian overpasses, signaled intersections, uncontrolled intersections, roundabouts, level crossings, tunnels, curved roads, bus stops, underpasses, overpasses The aim is to reduce future traffic problems in the miniature city already.

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