2015 to invest in 15,5 billion pounds in XNUMX

2015 billion lira will be invested in transportation in 15,5: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Elvan stated that 2015 billion liras will be invested in 15,5 within the Ministry, and the total expenditure amount will be 40,2 billion lira together with other expenditures.
Turkish Grand National Assembly
The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan stated in his speech on the budget of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications that the ministry is providing direct and indirect employment to a total of 2015 by giving information about the structure of the ministry.
Stating that the Ministry's budget for 2015 increased by 5,22 percent, Elvan said, “There is an increase rate of 6,5 in the central budget of our Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication. There is an increase of 1,25 in our General Directorate of Highways. On the other hand, there is an increase of 12 in the Information Technologies and Communication Institution ”.
Considering all related and related organizations as a whole, the ministry will invest a total of 2015 billion in 15,5 in the year.
Stating that his ministry is actually carrying out 3 thousand 793 projects, Elvan stated that 2 thousand of them were carried out by KGM and approximately 500 by TCDD.
The total amount of 205 billion pounds of the amount of project transfer Elvan, so far, the amount of 102 billion pounds are spent, the rest will be spent in the next years, he said. Elvan stated that they will focus on railways investments in the coming years.
In the framework of public private cooperation, the investment in 61,5 billion pounds stating that Elvan, 12,5 billion pounds is completed, he said.
Elvan, with the BOT model of the construction of the airport by the method of renting the 10 billion dollars so far said that they have earned.
"Annual savings achieved through divided roads exceeded 15 billion lira"
In the last 12 years, divided roads are given weight, in the coming period will focus on highway works Elvan, gave information about the projects.
Voicing is an important position in Turkey's Elvan transportation, he said 58 countries in the bilateral agreements were signed.
66 percent of Turkey's 36 thousand kilometers of divided road network stated that the Elven, said forming 17 percent of the road network "hot mix asphalt" stated that they would give a weight.
Hazardous substances in the transport document received abroad no longer describing Elvan can be taken from Turkey, and Turkish Lloyd's noted that TSA authorized in this regard. Elvan said that all international conventions on dangerous goods are being a party to.
Elvan pointed out that the traffic volume increased by two times compared to the 2003 year, and that this increase was not observed in freight transportation.
The average speed of the 40 kilometers in the period when the divided roads, the last 12 annually indicating that the vehicle speed to 80 kilometers per hour Elvan, the annual savings provided by the divided roads passed 15 billion pounds.
"Our goal in loss of life is to fall below 1 percent"
about the loss of life, emphasizing that it is below the European average of Turkey's Elvan, "We have in casualties in the 5,72 to 2,33. Our goal is to achieve 2023 percent in 1 ”.
Elvan, announcing that they will make a thousand-kilometer divided road in 2015, giving information about the ongoing highway projects, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge for the construction of connection roads said they had announced the tender. Elvan noted that the goal is to build the 8 thousand kilometers highway.
"We are making the Marmara Region a ring by the highway"
Stating that 1,5 million people travel back and forth between Europe and the Anatolian side in Istanbul and Istanbul traffic should be relieved, Elvan said:
“The section from Akyazı, where we have just started a tender, to Istanbul, from Istanbul to Kınalı. The axis stretching from here to Çanakkale, from Çanakkale to Balıkesir. What we are doing here is making the Marmara Region a ring by the highway. In other words, a person entering the highway from anywhere will have the opportunity to roam around the Marmara Sea completely. The most important advantage of this project, especially the Çanakkale Bridge crossing and making a ring, is that the Istanbul route will no longer be used for exits from the Aegean Region and west of Central Anatolia or Edirne-Tekirdağ exits. It will be possible to go abroad directly from Tekirdağ Kınalı via Balıkesir and Çanakkale. "
Minister Elvan stated that the section to Bursa will be opened by the end of 2015 in the Istanbul-Izmir Motorway project.
Elvan stated that the skyline of the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge, which will be the fourth largest bridge in its class in the world, can be seen in full after 4-5 months, and said that the opening will be at the end of 2015.
Stating that the excavation works in the Eurasia Tunnel have now exceeded 1.400 meters, Elvan said that the tunnel, which should be completed in 2017, aims to be completed by the end of 2016.
Elvan stated that 9 tunnels, including Ovit and Ilgaz tunnels, are planned to be completed in 2015.
Elvan, who stated that the Ovit Tunnel works at the 50 level, is the 2 of the world. The longest double-tube highway will be noted in the tunnel.
Space Agency is established
Stating that they will establish a Space Agency, Elvan explained that the draft law on the subject was prepared and it would be submitted to the Council of Ministers and then to the Parliament.
Stating that the construction of Türksat 6A, the first domestic communication satellite, will begin, Elvan stated that the related protocol will be signed in the coming days.

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