The extension of İZBAN line to Selçuk is running smoothly

The extension of the İZBAN line to Selçuk is running smoothly: The ongoing work of İZBAN for the extension of Selçuk is progressing smoothly. With the completion of the health station, the line pavement began in Selçuk.

Works on Tepeköy-Selçuk İZBAN line continue uninterruptedly. After the completion of the Health İZBAN station, the laying of the line, which will extend to Selçuk, was started. In the scope of the works, the ground was first corrected and then concrete barriers were started to be put on the iron rails. Contractor firm employees, 27 km-long line of the previous day as expressed by expressing, said they want to complete on the specified date. On the one hand, while the line is laid, the ground preparation work will be carried out on the route that will extend to Selçuk.


Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is the largest urban public transportation project in the history of the Republic of Turkey, is being carried out in cooperation with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD. İZBAN line is extended to Selçuk after Torbalı. Having previously completed the 80 kilometers of the 32-kilometer line, the Torbalı section completes the highway sub-overpass construction of the station and opens to the service in February. The line laying work from the health station was extended by 27 to approximately 2 a day. The authorities stated that the iron rails will be extended as long as the progress is continuing smoothly.


Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Selcuk and Health stations completed the manufacturing work. There are finishing touches in Selçuk Station. He put ceramic panels prepared specifically for the walls on the floor of the ticket hall. Panels depict the historical values ​​of the Seljuks bearing the Roman period, Byzantine, Aydınoğulları Principality, Seljuks and Ottoman traces, and the ancient city of Ephesus, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The operation was completed at the land Health Station ”which is the second station of Selçuk İZBAN line. Officials, Torbalı and Selcuk'la which will bring together the excitement of the studies continued with the continuation of İZBAN voiced.


3 pieces of highway overpass and Tepsoy-Selcuk between the 4 pieces of underpass production completed. The bridge construction of the 2 highway crossing was completed and opened to the vehicle traffic. The construction of the bridge over the highway overpass in Çaybaşı has been finished and put into service. 2 highway culverts between Health and Belevi were completed. Completion of 2 highway culverts between Belevi and Selçuk was completed. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Selcuk IZBAN line, except for the expropriation prices 32 million pounds investment.


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