10 reasons to claim Haydarpaşa Train Station

10 reasons to protect Haydarpaşa Train Station: If there is a story of survival in Istanbul, it is the Haydarpaşa Train Station itself. We need to take care of the historical building, which has been brought to the agenda with the rumors that a hotel will be built in recent years. Here are 10 reasons to support Haydarpaşa Train Station on the anniversary of its failure to inspire future generations!

We all have a story. Our friends leave, a power that we cannot resist, puts a punch in the middle of our face, we lose what we have, our hopes are broken, we collapse, but somehow we remain standing. Why is that? To have it tomorrow. The things that cannot wash us yesterday and today will survive to be stronger when we see them again tomorrow.

As Slyvester Stallone said in the 6th and last movie of the famous Rocky series, "life is about standing and continuing against the blows you have received." And Istanbul's Rocky Balboa, Kadıköy Haydarpasa Train Station rising on the beaches next to the article “Office is the Friend of the Black Day”.

If there is only one building in Istanbul that you cannot wash, it is Haydarpaşa. It is such a stance that Haydarpasa exhibits, as if you dismantled its walls, that dust will seem to get up without counting up to 10, like a boxer who does not throw his towel under the smoke. It is an exemplary monument so that we can all continue our lives where we face pain in some way.

Today we need her to inspire us more than ever and she needs us too. On the anniversary of the resistance, in the corner of the Bosphorus with the most beautiful views, salute this symbol building that is ready to fight a round to stay in the ring.

Here are 13 reasons why you should take care of Haydarpaşa Station!

  1. Some of us start defeating life

    There is a 1-0 defeat to life. Some of us are born in bad conditions, badly. Haydarpaşa Station has such a birth story. The Haydarpaşa Station, which was first opened on August 19, 1908 and is still under construction, was closed a few months after it was opened with an unexpected fire disaster. This damage taken before the construction is fully completed is the first blow that Haydarpaşa receives. The first round was your life.

  2. Some of us are born warriors

    There are some of us. He was born to fight. Their struggle begins immediately after birth; there is illness, there is hunger, the absence of parents is absent. Some get up from the place where it collapsed at a younger age. So is Haydarpaşa. After his first disaster, he reopened on 4 November 1909 with a simple ceremony and managed to stay in the ring in the second round with all his majesty.

  3. Some of us don't end up suffering

    Every time we say “Everything will be better now”, we feel that we will swallow this word… Life will also swallow, after each trouble, a new one always follows. Haydarpaşa encounters the heavier disaster it experienced after its opening in 1917. Flames rising after successive explosions swallow a train full of passengers with a battalion soldier in Haydarpaşa. This event, which led to the almost complete destruction of Haydarpaşa, is like a crochet that life brought to Haydarpaşa in the 3rd round.

  4. Life is cruel

    "What could happen worse to me?" as we ask, when life hurts ... Life is cruel, life does not look at how we are. It continues to come over us. As if we lose someone we love, then we can be out of our work… In Haydarpaşa, ground blows in a row. British aircraft dropped bombs on Haydarpaşa on July 4, 1918. Haydarpaşa, stuck on the edge of the ring like the staggering boxers, collapses on the ground with a second attack coming on October 18, 1918. After this very violent second attack, the time of our referee starts to count from 1 to 10 for Haydarpaşa.

  5. To live must stand up

    When we fall down, somebody is always trying to hold our hands. Even if no one is, a divine power sends us. We find strength as we look at it. We want to get up and fight again. This fight is not over yet, we feel it. Time never stops, never compromises, all we have to do is stand up without saying "10". And when "10" before he gets up Haydarpasa, Turkey With the power of the young Republic. In the 10th year of the Republic, it is rebuilt in accordance with its original in order to survive. It has to stand because it needs to be an example to future generations. It takes its courage from trains full of passengers to fight life again. Who did not pass through his door and look at Istanbul for the first time? How many big names have said "I will beat you in Istanbul" on its stairs? All this would be his greatest weapon against the life that Haydarpaşa attacked him mercilessly. It looks at us, gets power from us. He is still standing in round 5 Haydarpaşa and is ready to fight again.

  6. Life is a tyrant

    Sometimes, no matter how much we prove it, we continue to push us to life, that we are not easy bites. After wrapping up even our deepest pain, something that will hurt us will still haunt us ... Just after the restoration work in 1976, the Independenta tanker had an accident off Haydarpaşa in 1979 and material damage occurred in Haydarpaşa in the explosion. . Life brought another punch to the tired warrior in the 6th round.

  7. Sometimes we stand for everyone

    It becomes a day or we give up after the blows we receive. We don't want to get up from where we fell. But there is someone who needs us, if we do not fight, there is nothing to hope for them… Which of us do not want, Kadıköy seeing him standing upright while approaching the beach. Wouldn't it be missing if it wasn't there? Isn't it a stance, doesn't it inspire young people? That is why Haydarpaşa stands up again. path KadıköyFor anyone passing by, he does not care about his wounds and knows to say “Another round” against life.

  8. Life must fight until the last moment

    We have to get used to the pain we suffer and to be strong enough to face new ones. Because this life is for those who know how to fight until the last round. Once it's not destroyed, you have to go to the end. Giving up is not something that those who can stand up in the first round can do. Once you are standing, you have to stay until this job is done. Because life will never stop hitting you. Life continues to hit Haydarpaşa. As a result of a fire that broke out during the restoration work on November 28, 2010, its roof collapsed and some floors became unusable. Haydarpaşa was once again on the ground, it had to get up, it had to fight. Because the people of this city did not want to see him lost.

  9. To live, to accept the risk of losing

    We are all born, live and die one day. Everything can happen to us in life. We get what we get, people we lose, our health, our work, our family and our dreams are things we can always lose. Everyone who chooses to live has taken this risk, why has it been destroyed from the very beginning when we lost it, why? Aren't we born to survive as long as we breathe? Haydarpasa had stood up like this after the 2010 fire, and he said "I am here" against life like that monster. He was invincible, indestructible and indestructible. He was still standing in the 9th round with his majesty, splendor and all the flair.

  10. Last round

    Now, Haydarpaşa gets up once again for the last round. Hayat is in front of her with her final punches. There is a possibility that it was closed by the high-speed train project and a hotel will be built in its place, which must be fought. This is the last round. This old warrior has risen from the ashes many times over. It saw fires, it was bombed, it struggled with flames, it got out of the rubble. He stood with a single request; "One more round". Now in this fight of the century, he needs us more than ever. He's too strong to succumb to a useless hotel project. All we have to do is be by his side, embrace him and support him in this final struggle to overcome life. He is our champion, he is our warrior. How many of us have lived the last round of our lives? How many of us took the hardest blow to knock us down and lost? If we're still alive, it's because we didn't lose. if kazanIf we want to succeed, something has to inspire us, that doesn't break down, doesn't give up, and in the end kazanmoment of something… Like Haydarpaşa. Let's take care of him in this last stand, because if he kazanir, our children Kadıköy When they look at their beaches, they will have a symbol to hold on to life. Maybe this will be the most valuable gift we can leave for them; A true champion that has survived despite all the blows it has received. It is an inspiration that all future generations will really need. Happy anniversary, Haydarpaşa Train Station!

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