İzmir traffic congestion index from Yandex

Traffic jam index from Yandex: Traffic problem in big cities, especially in Istanbul, causes a lot of time and stress for many drivers and passengers. Acclaimed Internet company Yandex Turkey with a private service, with its technology for the people of Izmir after Istanbul and Ankara "traffic congestion index" began offering the service. Analyzing Izmir's traffic, Yandex revealed that Izmirians lost about 24 years in traffic within 2 hours.
Intensive in the morning
The traffic density, which starts at 07.00:08.20 on weekdays, reaches 09.00-4 points between 5 and 09.20. Considering the average data obtained, the Izmir traffic, which started to decrease in 14.30, starts to intensify again at noon. Izmirians, who encounter the intensity in the morning at 18.00, experience the biggest problem in the evening. Between 20.00 and 6, which corresponds to work hours, İzmir traffic reaches the highest values ​​of the day with an average of 7-XNUMX points. While Izmir residents generally lose time in the evening traffic on weekdays, they experience the most time loss on Monday and Friday evenings.
Follow traffic
It is observed that Yandex congestion index is different compared to weekdays. Although traffic is more comfortable between 14.00 and 20.00 on Saturday, it remains busy. The lowest traffic day in Izmir is Sunday. On Sundays, residents of Izmir face 1-2 points lower traffic compared to other days. Thanks to the traffic jam index developed by Yandex for Izmir residents, drivers will be able to follow the ever-changing traffic situation in the city and determine the most appropriate transportation route for them.


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