Books on tram stops in Kayseri are not coming back

The books placed in tram stops in Kayseri do not come back: Mehmet Özhaseki, Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, stated that the number of books which were put in order to gain reading habits to Kayseray stations and approached 100 thousand said, m People who love book should do so. What will happen if you bring back the books you have read and put on, uğ he called out to the citizens.

President Özhaseki, da We had already put those books. I have a little system here, so that the sitting man can read the book. Thousands of books, 100 is close to thousands. In the morning we're putting a few thousand books. It does not bring. To read these books, let the readers bring it. Let them bring the books they did not read in their homes. Now I'm going to download my own library right now. I'il bring hundreds of books and leave them there. People who love the book should do so. What happens if you bring back the books you have read and put on ları called.




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