15 Thousand People Came to Erciyes Ski Center in 500 Days

15 Thousand People Arrived in Erciyes Ski Center in 500 Days: Kayseri Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki stated that approximately 500 thousand people came to Erciyes during the semester break.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki made examinations in Erciyes, got information about ongoing investments and with the citizens who spent their holidays in Erciyes. sohbet did. Erciyes AŞ Chairman of the Board and General Manager Dr. Murat Cahid Cıngı was also accompanied. Stating that he is trying to be in Erciyes on weekends whenever he has the opportunity, President Özhaseki said, “How is the density, is there any missing thing, if the citizen has a complaint, I try to follow them. With Murat Cahid Cıngı, we devoted our hearts to Erciyes and worked hard. Thank God, we are getting paid for it. " said. Stating that Erciyes is at the top of the most flashing mountains of this year, President Mehmet Özhaseki said, “Although there were many negative news from other ski resorts, not a single negative news came from Erciyes. In addition, we did not start a lot of advertisements in the media, but we received the messages from everyone who came here, 'We did not know that Erciyes was so beautiful, the slopes were intense, the facilities were completely modern, it was the only ski resort prepared with a European mentality. This made us very happy. " he spoke.

President Özhaseki stated that there was a great intensity during the semester break, and that nearly 15 thousand people came to Erciyes within 500 days. Emphasizing that half of those who come from Kayseri are from outside, President Özhaseki said, “It was a great crowd, a great movement and abundance. Praise be to Allah, it is a good season. Erciyes will continue to be the special symbol of Kayseri from now on. ” said.

President Özhaseki, who came together with citizens in Erciyes, with an expatriate from Austria, famous for its ski resorts sohbet did. President Özhaseki asked Burak Turgut, a ski instructor in Austria, to compare Erciyes with ski resorts in Austria. Burak Turgut, on the other hand, stated that he found Erciyes very beautiful and said that he saw nothing short of when compared with abroad.


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