KAYSERAY received another international award

📩 06/12/2018 17:48

KAYSERAY has received an international award: KAYSERAY, which Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality has provided to the city, continues to win awards in the international arena.
KAYSERAY, who was the winner of the international 4 award shortly after being in service, was awarded by the International Association of Public Transporters (UITP) in the category of 'Smart Financing and Business Model'.

7-10 2015 held in Milan, Italy between the dates of June 61. In the World Congress of the International Association of Public Transporters, 40 competed for more than 200 projects from the country.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc., which participated in the competition with the project lay Innovative Financing in Public Transportation ediy, won the award in the Kayseri Smart Financing and Business Model adlı category from the Singapore Public Transport Council, Australia Keolis and India Delhi Integrated Public Transport which competed in the final.
On the occasion of the ceremony, Feyzullah Gündoğdu, General Director of Transportation Inc. received the award on behalf of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality.

Making an assessment about the award, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Çelik pointed out that the awards given by UITP, which has 90 members from 1.400 countries, are the most prestigious awards of the sector, “The Rail System, which has been serving in our city since 2009, has its quality, integration into the urban fabric and sustainable development receives awards worldwide for its aspect. We have a rail system that has previously received a total of four awards, two of them from UITP. With this award, the number of our awards increased to five. In addition, the number of awards we received from UITP was three. There is no other city that has previously received three awards from this organization. This is also a proud situation for us, ”he said.

2010-UK Light Rail Transport System Association /
'The Best Tramway System of the Year in the World'
2010-UITP / 'Best Urban Integration Award'
2011-UITP / 'Sustainable Development Award'
2014-7. International Transportation Technologies Fair /
'Productivity Award in Public Transport'
2015-UITP / 'Smart Finance and Business Model Award'

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