Valve Logistics Center from TCDD

TCDD from Valve Logistics Centers: AK Party Van deputy Fatih Farmer, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the access to the market engaged in manufacturing and setting up Van logistics centers would provide the opportunity to load bridge as well as in the region.

Making a statement, Deputy Fatih Çiftçi said that the speed of DDY's investments in Van kazanHe stated that the government allocated a budget of 2014 million 24 thousand liras in 652. Çiftçi noted that with the completion of all the works at DDY regarding the logistics center within the Van Organized Industrial Zone campus, the products brought by the industrialists will have a storage system. Stating that with the center to be established, employment opportunities for approximately 2 thousand 500 people will be provided, Fatih Çiftçi said that Van is much more than a logistics center. kazanIn fact, the money to be given to approximately 2 people who will work in the center will come from SGK, tax and export products coming to Van from neighboring provinces. kazan150-200 million liras a year to Çla Van kazanHe said that it will create three possibilities. Stating that these centers are attractive with their low cost, fast, safe, transfer area and equipment among the transportation modes, Çiftçi said that the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Lütfi Elvan, gave instructions to TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman regarding the establishment of the center in Van. He added that he did.

Member of the Farmer, in the period of the AK Party governments Van 88 million 600 a thousand pounds TCDD 30 pieces of investment plans planned and planned 25 pieces of investment into operation, he said. 5 project continues and the ongoing projects, Kapıköy Gar Service Building monumental renovation and landscaping, Van Garı Service Building reinforcement and construction work, Van-Kapikoy line tunnel rehabilitation and Van-Kapikoy line 76 km railway renovation work The Farmer said that a new 15 line will be made to the Organized Industrial Zone through the Özalp road and this line will have contributed to the transportation sector.

The farmer stated that about 50 million euros were spent for the purchase of 2 large ferries with the capacity of 82 wagons from Van-Tatvan and their scaffolding repair and expansion, maintenance and repair facilities were made, and the first of the ferries was planned to be reduced to Lake Van on 20 February 2015.


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