İBB, Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa Train Station requested to be given to them without tender

ibb sirkeci and haydarpasa station they wanted to be given to them as a tender
ibb sirkeci and haydarpasa station they wanted to be given to them as a tender

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President İmamoğlu, Demiryolları'n of the Republic of Turkey (TCDD) Date issued the tender of Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa Station, wanted to transfer them without bidding.

ThornAccording to the news in; “In the announcement published in the Official Gazette on Sunday, September 22, it was announced that some parts of the stations belonging to TCDD would be rented for use in cultural and artistic events. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu He also said he was going to bid. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, on the other hand, opposed IMM's entry into the station tender, on the grounds that it would "deter competitors".

'Public transfer is the center of IMM, there are hundreds of examples'

press conference held at the presidential residence in Florya meeting at Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci 'Istanbul's most important that the two icons, and taken all of Turkey's interests', indicating İmamoğlu, such an important subject IMM closely, saying he would follow the station highlighted the tender issue: " The Ministry of Transportation is putting out the warehouses of two landmark areas together with the land. We also decide to participate in the tender places. Why? There is no commercial activity. This is the SIT area already, you can not do anything other than the existing ones. It's beautiful. You can't make money. This is also very nice. The law gives you a chance. He says, 'You can transfer such places to the appropriate public institutions, talk to public institutions.' In Istanbul, the center of this is IMM. There are hundreds of examples of this in Istanbul. Bakanlığı There are hundreds of examples made by many public institutions. Tı

'What is your motivation to prevent IMM?'

'How to get out of the tender' that should be shared with the public stating that Imamoglu, said: uyumlu You are so tender place and tender specifications and say that '20 million pounds of digital equipment will be.' 20 million pounds, or say digital equipment, there are in Turkey or in one or two television channels. So once you make this statement, you will tell us how you went to the tender. ”

İmamoğlu also mentioned that the Ministry of Transport did not want the IMM to enter the tender of the station on the grounds that it would prevent competition and asked am What is the motivation that makes you make such a statement? Ve and added: The general director of an institution that makes a tender is the statement that the court has to make.

'The law allows; If they give him a tender we are ready '

İmamoğlu proposed that an agreement between IMM and two public institutions be reached in the tender for the station. Thus, the SIT area 'will serve art and culture without being used for commercial purposes' Imamoglu said: Let us give a qualified work to this city by devoting those structures to that area of ​​SIT area completely to culture without trade. We are going to this tender and we will ensure that this place, which suits the people of Istanbul, is transformed into an area that belongs to the people of Istanbul. I wish that everyone would help us. ”

Imamoglu also stated that the area in question can be transferred as ih without tender, and said, erse If they give a tender ki which the law allows, we are ready for it da.

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