Highway Discussion in Denizli

Motorway Debate in Denizli: Denizli and Burdur through Antalya, which will extend to the start of the work of the Izmir highway began mobility in Denizli. In the meeting, which includes Bozkurt and Çardak, the public rebelled, saying, az They are going through efficient land urt. formula can be produced.
Work has been started for the Denizli-Burdur connection of the Izmir-Antalya road which has been on the agenda for a long time.
Starting from Aydın, passing through Denizli and Burdur to Antalya, the 270 kilometer of the Denizli-Burdur section of the road will pass through Denizli. The highway that will enter Denizli from Sarayköy will pass through Merkezefendi and Pamukkale districts in the center and then to Bozkurt and Çardak and then to Burdur from Honaz's Kocabaş neighborhood.
UBM A.Ş., which carries out the feasibility studies for the planned route with the Build-Operate-Transfer model. He held a meeting in Bozkurt for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report under the coordination of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Citizens from Kaklik, Kocabas, Bozkurt and Cardak joined the EIA meeting held at the municipal refectory
In the meeting attended by EIA and Environmental Permits Branch Director Uğur Çoban and Deputy Director of the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urban Planning, Işıl Tuncay, Project Specialist Murat Arısoy of UBM A.Ş. made a presentation. The most difficult issue in the meeting was to pass the road through fertile agricultural lands. The landowners in the region, especially in Kocabaş, said the clover junction will be damaged.
City Councilor of Pamukkale Municipality MHP, city planner Server Munis criticized the fact that there was no meeting in the Metropolitan Municipality Council about the route of the road, li Metropolitan Council. However, no discussion has yet been made on this issue in the parliament. Ancak
The former mayor of Kaklik, Mehmet Gulbas, stated that the road passes through fertile lands and this creates great discomfort for the citizens, verimli Irrigable farmland is important for us. The road passes through very fertile lands. Especially the clover junction in Kocabaş about the objection of our citizens. We will also attend the meeting of the İzmir Regional Directorate of Highways with all our citizens and we will forward the situation to the top authorities Kar.
Bozkurt Mayor Birsen Çelik said that they are in favor of defending the rights of people before the investment in the district, ın The service to be made in our country has a place on our heads. But this investment should not hurt anyone. We will follow the rights of our citizens on every platform. Her
These meetings, which will determine the shape of the investment, will be made to include Sarayköy and Honaz and then to be held in Burdur. Following the completion of the required EIA meetings, the route will become clear. Expropriation costs and the start of construction will be determined by the Ministry of Transport. The road is planned to be built with Build-Operate-Transfer model.



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