Traffic monster who doesn't want to pay on the freeway

Traffic monster that doesn't want to pay on the freeway: traffic monster in the cradle of civilization. A truck driver in the UK missed a turn to bend and made a reverse turn to enter the highway. The truck driver was arrested and sentenced. It was learned that the driver of the truck chose such a way not to pay.
A traffic monster in England. The images we are used to seeing in our country came from England this time. The long-distance truck driver, who missed the bend to enter the highway on the way he was going, entered the highway from such a place that it was on the agenda in England. Anyway, there was no accident after the extremely dangerous U-turn. With the difference of seconds, there was no vehicle on the highway in the direction the truck was turning. Those who came from behind saw the truck driver doing it and slowed down.
After this traffic monstrosity on the highway, the British police, who were chasing the truck, caught the truck driver in Lithuania and paid the price of his move. His license was seized for 18 months. A 51-year-old truck driver named Papachin was taken to court and sentenced to 15 weeks in prison. The court also gave the driver 3 weeks of detention on the grounds that he endangered people's lives and fined 85 euros.
British Highway Patrol manager Chief Inspector Jed said that the vehicles on long roads chose such a road to avoid paying fees, and the truck driver's statement was not in this direction, but he did not believe it. The chief inspector said that no vehicle made this move and escaped.


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