KMTSO's Transportation File was discussed at the Workshop

📩 30/11/2018 17:38

KMTSO's Transport File was discussed in the Workshop: The report of Kahramanmaraş Chamber of Commerce and Industry presented to the Minister of Transport Lütfi Elvan by Chairman Kemal Karaküçük aims to remove the barriers to the industry and trade of the province and to open the road of Kahramanmaraş to 2023. .

Kahramanmaras Chamber of Commerce and Industry prepared by the Haber Kahramanmaras Transportation Sector Problems and Solution Suggestions Çözüm file, Chairman Kemal Karaküçük presented to the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan. The report presented at the çözüm Transportation Workshop kaps held at the Ramada Hotel covers the important problems and solutions proposed by KMTSO to maintain the industrial, commercial and social development of Kahramanmaraş in faster and healthier conditions.

Kahramanmaraş Chamber of Commerce and Industry report; Or Kahramanmaraş problems in the transportation sector and solutions “. The report prepared by KMTSO meticulously; Turkey's economic moves that performs an important industrial and trade base in recent years, from the position of Kahramanmaras, removing barriers to slow the acceleration of development and aims to completely open the way for the industrialists Kahramanmaras. The report consists of the following headings:
Modernization of Kahramanmaras Airport sorun It is necessary to make the necessary arrangements for increasing the runway length, increase the runway length and solve the fuel station problem.

Modern, wider and bonded airport terminal building, if possible, the airport, high-speed train and bus station in a single center to meet in the city center is very useful in terms of transportation is seen.
In order to increase the number of flights by taking the Istanbul-Kahramanmaraş voyages and by taking the flights to the appropriate hours, the number of passengers and the increase in the number of passengers are also essential. "

Kahramanmaras Goksun Kayseri Road
Gaziantep-Kahramanmaras-Kayseri Highway is a part of the main route, the north and south of our country, the Mediterranean-Black Sea and the GAP Region to the Central Anatolia to connect the Taurus Mountains to Antalya and the third largest passage after the passage of the Gülek gorge in order to ensure that the Kahramanmaras-Göksun Road The importance of the National Highway network is very large.
Kahramanmaras-Goksun-Kayseri 6. The total length of the Zone Border Road is 124 km. Kahramanmaraş-Göksun's current length is 89 km. Due to the above mentioned importance of the road, as a result of the improvement of the project standard, 13 km is shortened to 76 km. Large variants are also constructed to increase the standard on the route.

The project changes made to increase the standard and shorten the way are pleasing. The remaining parts of the Kahramanmaraş-Göksun-Kayseri route need to be re-studied and the standard should be increased, and the viaduct and tunnel numbers should be increased and projected. "

Suggestion of new routes;
Kahramanmaraş-Kayseri between 81,5 km shorten Göksun-Kayseri is recommended a new route:
I Göksun-Tufanbeyli-Tomarza-Kayseri route; From the direction of Göksun-Keklikoluk Village to Tufanbeyli and from the Tozlu Village, there is a 3-4 km tunnel that leads to Mount Tomarza and then to Kayseri. The distance between Göksun and Kayseri is shortened compared to the existing road with this road and its quality is quite high compared to the current one. If this project is implemented; 'Kahramanmaraş-Kayseri road will be shortened by the 81,5 km.Kahramanmaraş will get rid of the blind spot that does not pass the road.GAP Region will be connected to Central Anatolia from these routes. Nevşehir-Adıyaman points closer to each other.

Kahramanmaraş-Göksun-Kayseri Duble Road to the highway and the Black Sea-Mediterranean Duble Road will go down to the quality of the road in terms of the quality of this road, and the project is necessary to increase the standard of the project again. Kahraman
County connections;

Mar Kahramanmaraş-Nurdağı motorway connection will be increased to 3 lanes, the standard of Kahramanmaras to the northern districts of Kahramanmaras-Elbistan Road 167 km highway transportation distance 60 km shortened to 97 km, the transportation between Ekinözü and Süleymanlı town, Kahramanmaraş -The project is planned to be implemented and the project will be connected to Caglayanancerit from Besen village of Kahramanmaras 62 km road to the investment program by taking the remaining part of the 10 km as part of the zoning plan to be made as a double way, the rest of the project standard to increase the revision is very useful it will. "

Black Sea-Mediterranean Road
Ine The split road project connecting the Black Sea Region and the Mediterranean Region is a project that will give a new direction to the economy of our country. It is very important to realize this project which will be connected to the highway by going to Kahramanmaraş-Göksun-Kayseri Duble Road and going down to Hatay. Mar

Bridge junctions
Lar In order to prevent traffic distress, it will be very beneficial to perform bridge junction projects at Karacasu Campus, Airport, Industrial Site and Ağcalı intersections outside of the crossroads which are auctioned. “

Ankara-Konya-Kahramanmaras YHT Project
Aynı In order to increase the connection of the western and central Anatolian parts of our country with the east, and to contribute to the development of tourism and the east economy, the high speed train project which is continuing on the route of Ankara, Konya, Adana and Kahramanmaraş is projected and the high speed train reaches to the city center. While contributing to the prevention of migration in the east, it will bring significant benefits in socioeconomic and cultural terms. "

Türkoğlu Logistics Center Project
In It is very important that the Kahramanmaraş (Türkoğlu) Logistics Center, which is included in the ongoing program of the project and expropriation works, is rapidly completed and put into service. When this center is operational, marketing and especially export potential of industrial and agricultural products of Kahramanmaraş will be fully evaluated. Faaliyet

Natural gas problem of Kahramanmaras Organized Industrial Zone
Lar Natural gas connection cannot be made to Kahramanmaraş Organized Industrial Zone because the General Directorate of Highways does not allow the natural gas line to be drawn parallel to the highways. “

Large participation in the workshop
Ak Parti Group Deputy Chairman Mahir Ünal invited the Transportation, Maritime and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan to participate in the ayı Transportation Workshop “held at the Ramada Hotel, Ak Parti Group Deputy Chairman Mahir Ünal, Kahramanmaraş Governor Şükrü Kocatepe, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Fatih Prof. Dr. Mehmet Erkoç, Kahramanmaraş Deputies Sıtkı Güvenç, Yildirim Mehmet Ramazanoglu, General Director of Highways Mehmet Cahit Turhan and General Director of State Airports Authority Orhan Birdal, State Railways Adana Regional Director V. Oguz Saygili and Regional Director of Highways Mersin Regional Director Necati Cakiroglu and executives of industrial organizations and merchants in Kahramanmaras. She attended.

Minister Elvan NGO representatives listened to the questions of the district mayors and party members in the field of transportation.
Taking the questions one by one, Minister Elvan returned to the workshop after a half-hour meeting with General Managers of Railways and State Airports and answered the questions one by one. Here is the Minister Elvan's Kahramanmaras program transferred to the city:

”The project of Goksun has been extended because the project was wrong“
Di Göksun Yolu was one of the most voiced problems. The final project was not prepared when it started. Only horizontal work started. There are serious dangers on the course of the road after starting work. It is not possible to cross roads without opening the tunnel. Initially a tunnel of 2 thousand 800 meters is specified. After starting the work, it is necessary to build a tunnel of about 8 thousand meters. Almost planned 4 large tunnel is required to be done. Therefore, an elongation in the duration of the project occurs. Without making these tunnels, we made a new path through the normal road and we could finish Goksun Road in 2013 or 2014. We want to do our job well, we want to do it properly. For this reason, there was a serious extension. We want the road work to be done in a healthy way. We will run the contractor firm as much as we can. We do not undertake to make a technical commitment to the environment where technically impossibility exists. While our investment plan for Kahramanmaraş was 220 million TL, we took this figure to 400 Million TL. Therefore, we will finish the Göksun-Kahramanmaraş Road completely in 2015. I promise that. Bun

-We finished the 26 Kilometer of Kadirli-Andırın-Göksun Road “
Dı When we came to Kadirli-Andırın-Göksun Road, there were about 53 kilometers. We've finished the 26 kilometer. Here we continue our work. We will also finish our way in 2016. In 2016, I personally gave all instructions to end this road. X

'N Project Works of Elbistan-Ekinözü Road are Completed Completely “
Olu The project work of Elbistan-Ekinözü Road was almost completed. The final ranks are made. Once approved, we will take the investment program and start investing. We will do this way. Bu

”Afşin-Elbistan Road will be built as a Split Road“
R We make the 2 kilometer part of Afşin-Elbistan Highway as BSK. The rest of our friends are planned as one way. I've instructed friends to do this as a split road. Arkadaşlar

”Let's make short cuts on the way” We can extend the road even more “
Lar Our friends have made a preliminary study for the Cozy Road. Geographical structure does not allow much transition from there. Sometimes the short cut may lead to longer reach than the normal route. I still instructed you to work for that road. If we can reach Elbistan from Kahramanmaras to one and a half hours, it will not be necessary if the road will be transported in 2 and an hour and a half. If this is the case, we will do this. Eğer

Proj Afşin-Sarız Road Design Works Continues “
Proj The work on Afşin-Sariz road is in progress. We will continue the construction of the road after the project is finished. I was told there was a sharp bend. Our friends will do the necessary inspections. ”Overpasses are an important issue where school junctions are located. If there are any shortcomings, we will do these overpasses. I've given the necessary instructions to friends. Bun

”Caglayancerit-Pazarcik Road Project Will Be Completed Ahead“
Düş Detail and vertical works of Çağlayancerit-Pazarcık Road were completed but the project was not completed. Therefore, the completed project of the project is not correct. I've instructed my friends. They will try to complete the project as soon as possible. We will be auctioned by April 2015 at the latest. Biz

”Signs of Provinces, Placing the Signs of the Nearest Provinces“
Ası The signboards of the provinces are placed and the signposts of the closest provinces are placed. The closest district or province to reach is the sign of the rate. Therefore, we are moving within the framework of what our friends tell us. If necessary, I have ordered the name of the province of Kahramanmaras to be put on the signs. That way work will be done. If there are any shortcomings, we will complete them. There are signs to be made jointly with the Metropolitan Municipality. General Directorate of Highways, will work in cooperation with the Metropolitan Municipality of Kahramanmaras. Kar

Ilar We will meet with Turkish Airlines in order to increase the number of flights to Kahramanmaraş “
Fazla Our intervention in our airline companies is not very much in question. However, we will talk with Turkish Airlines to increase the number of flights to Kahramanmaraş. There are also Pegasus flights outside of Turkish Airlines. Especially, we will have talks for the increase in the number of flights to Ankara, Kahramanmaras. If there is an increase in occupancy rates, it is possible to increase. If occupancy rates are low, work is hard. Dol

Iz If the traffic density is above the 2 Bin 15 Kilometer Split Section of the not found Çağlayancerit- Kahramanmaras Road can make the road divided “

Var If the traffic percentage is one way divided by 500, I cannot say yes, because there is now traffic density 3 bin- 4 thousand traffic density and there are no divided roads. We'il check the traffic density. If the traffic density is above the 2 bin, we can make a split road between Caglarancerit and Kahramanmaras Road, where there is no part of the 15 kilometer divided road. We concentrate on Kahramanmaraş-Göksun Road because the traffic density is over 8 thousand. Kadirli-Andirin-Göksun road 3 over a thousand traffic density. Kahramanmaraş Ring Road 9 bin 740 has traffic density. Kahraman

”The Work of Göksun-Elbistan Road Will Be Started Immediately“
Iz We will make a divided road on the condition that the Göksun-Elbistan Road will be covered with satih. We will begin the work of this road immediately. The program is not seen as a divided road. However, due to traffic density, we are talking about a location with traffic density above 2 thousand. There are places where traffic density 4 thousand, 6 thousand places. Therefore, it is a priority for us. Because the traffic density is high. Let's look at the traffic density and decide for him. If the Caglayancerit Yolu is really vital, our friends will make the necessary inspections in that area. Eğer

”We will make a new terminal building at Kahramanmaraş Airport“
Iz We will build a new terminal building at Kahramanmaraş Airport. We will take this terminal building into the program. She's not in the program for now. We will make a terminal building worthy of Kahramanmaraş to Kahramanmaraş. Kahraman

Lar Now Citizens Can Tell Their Problems “
“I have worked for years in the development of provinces and regions. I'm just not there. How we can develop the region was our search. They could not tell the citizens there when we asked about the problems. I couldn't get a response from NGOs. Today, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, other professional organizations can ask me comfortable questions. Frankly, that makes me happy. They present the projects for the development of the province. Today, our Mayors say that they go abroad and see modern cities sensitive to the environment. They say that we want Kahramanmaraş to be like this. Kahraman

"Turkey is growing rapidly and Evolves"
. There are those who go abroad, in which country we make investments like we do. In the past, there were no opportunities to go around. Our people couldn't go. Today, young people in the age of 20-25 are trying to market goods produced with their bags abroad. Turkey is rapidly growing and developing. We're proud of that. You must be proud of Kahramanmaraş. I've seen really beautiful, modern, environmentally sensitive projects. These are the projects that will change the face of Kahramanmaraş. I hope they all happen. We will give you all the support we need. De

”Fast Train to Kahramanmaraş, No One Should Be Worried“
Var What is very important for Kahramanmaraş is the high speed train that you care about. We want each of our provinces to reach the sea via iron. Because transport activities are quite expensive as highway. We want to further reduce transport activities. We want to reveal the competitiveness of our companies and our companies. You want rail to reduce transport activities. You want to increase the competitiveness of the railway. This is our main goal. We want to connect all of our regions to the east, west, north and south with high-speed train lines. This is how our 2023 target was put forward. We said that a train from Izmir will come as far as Habura. We want Konya, Karaman, Adana, Osmaniye and Mardin to reach Habur. The company that produces any product from Istanbul can put its load on the fast train and take it to Habur. If we want to trade from the Mediterranean, we want to open to the Mediterranean. We don't think of it just as passenger transport. There is a perception that public trains will be made for passengers. We will carry passengers, but our main goal here is transport with passengers. That is why today we are doing logistics center. We make them to increase the competitiveness of our companies. There are strategic approaches that aim to sell products. We want to increase the competitiveness of our companies and export more, we want to earn more money to increase the prosperity of the country. For this reason, we have been working on some part of the line reaching Mersin, Adana, Osmaniye, Gaziantep and Mardin. We even started our tunnel works around Gaziantep. We will be auctioned in the remaining parts of the train. We will connect Kahramanmaraş on that line. Therefore, a fast train to Kahramanmaras. Don't worry about anyone. There are rumors that the name of Kahramanmaraş is not mentioned in the government program. We have just put the main arteries in the Government program. We cannot mention each province in each government program. We can't say that. Therefore, Kahramanmaras Line is an interconnection line. We're gonna make a fast train. It is our goal. O

”Divided Roads at Another Destination“
Ir Another goal is divided roads. We have new highway projects. We will do these things in the framework of the transfer model. We're going to build a high-speed train infrastructure. We renewed the existing railway line in Kahramanmaras. We have renewed the 50-60 annual railway line. No government ever touched these railways until we came to power. I just said it. The amount of investment made before the delivery is 85 million TL. We will continue to make these investments. As we make these investments, you see that demand increases as we bring these services. You see transport activity falling. You see that the competitiveness has increased. We want that. We want a strong Turkey. We can build powerful Turkey in this way. Our services are the product of stability. This is the product of trust in power. It is the product of the integration of the state with the citizen and the people. I hope we will bring the fast train to Kahramanmaraş. Hızlı
”We will make the Way as Bsk from Kahramanmaraş-Türkoğlu“

Iz We will make a road between Kahramanmaraş and Türkoğlu as BSK. We are going to do the other years from Turkoglu to the next years. We consider Göksun-Elbistan Road as a priority. We will prepare our infrastructure to be BSK infrastructure. I hope we're going to start that year. Um

We Will Bring Internet And Mobile Internet To Each Village
Uz We want to move the IT sector to the highest level. He is also developing very quickly. Turkey's average growth rate we are growing in informatics approximately 4 solid. We show the sensitivity required. We think about how to make a formula by contacting the necessary places. We will talk about how we can reach our final goal. We're building auto-pathways where fiber networks pass through the ground. That's how we did a thousand miles down the 250 way. In 2002 the internet was using the 20 thousand people. We were worse off than many African countries. Today this number is based on 40 millions. Is a terrific development in Turkey said. We're taking the mobile phone and the internet to our village in the far-flung corner. Let us know how much space is available on the Internet and without phone. We do this as the Ministry of infrastructure. GSM Operators do not want to do this because it is not economical. We are taking the internet and mobile phone to our rural areas. We will continue to take them. If we have villages that cannot use the Internet, we have taken responsibility for this as the Ministry. İnternet

After the workshop, the Minister of Transport, Communication and Maritime Affairs, Lütfi Elvan, who examined the works on the Kahramanmaraş-Göksun divided road by road, received information from İsmail Doğan, the Chairman of the Contractor firm. Workers working in road construction sohbet The Minister had a souvenir photo taken with them.

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