President Altepe: Number of Bursaray wagons will increase

President Altepe: Bursaray number of wagons will increase.Bursaray to increase the number of wagons prepared to go to the auction indicating that the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, wagon reinforcement increased the density of metro transportation in the history of the voyages said.

President Altepe, Metropolitan City Council said at the ordinary meeting of the month of September. President Altepe, who answered the questions about the agenda at the meeting held at the Provincial General Assembly Meeting on Wednesday, stated that the intensity experienced in Bursaray would soon end. In the West, Görüt stated that there were undesired densities in rail transportation due to the extension of the metro lines extending to Kestel in the east, and said that the number of voyages will increase after the wagon and the number of voyages will be ended. He added that Bursaray's tender preparations for increasing the number of wagons were at the final stage and added:, God willing, after the auction, both wagons and number of voyages will be increased Burs.

Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, subway car in the purchase of a private company by the local source of the underground wagons produced in Bursa could be used, he added. The subway car company producing the underground wagon can take, even if there is another company that the production of subway cars, which is a condition that the President Altepe, firma Now who takes the rail system, it must get a native. Their domestic rail vehicle that produces Bursa, he had brought to Turkey. Other firms will be able to enter tenders on condition that they work with local companies. According to the results of the tender I hope the local wagons produced in Bursa will show up in our streets. İhale

President Altepe, in his statement also mentioned the new investments in sea transportation. Altin expressed that they made new moves every day about the connection of Bursa to sea transportation and the surrounding provinces and after that they said that they will carry passengers from Armutlu to Istanbul and from Bandırma to Istanbul. Indicating that all kinds of permits for the lines were taken and the days to start the voyages, President Altepe, Alt We can take all the destinations that we can get permission, we put our lines. Avşa, Marmara Island, such as running lines. Finally, permits were also received in Armutlu. After that, the sea bus from Mudanya to Istanbul will stop at Armutlu and pick up passengers there. In the same way, we also got permission for Bandırma. Bandırma'dan from Istanbul to the sea will have a mutual plane flights, B he said. ,

President Altepe, Yenisehir Airport and met the meeting in the Metropolitan Stadium. Yunuseli Airport will open only small aircraft in front of the Turkish Air Force, emphasizing the President Altepe, Yunuseli'nin certainly not an alternative to Yenisehir Airport, said he could not. Altepe, who explained his views on the construction of the Metropolitan Stadium, explained that the stadium, whose roof is now stretched, will be ready for the events after the New Year.


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