Repairing 700 Annual Historic Bridge

700 Annual Historic Bridge Repairing: 700 dating from Germiyanoğlu Principality period, which has been demolished in Simav district of Kütahya. The restoration works initiated by the Regional Directorate continue at full speed.
Simav-Bursa highway 3. 300, the contractor who has undertaken the restoration work of the historical bridge in the kilometer, continues to work with 6 workers in order to complete the work before the day.
In addition to the completion of the missing stones of the bridge, it is planned to perform drainage works and landscaping against rain water.
Simav Municipality City Museum Responsible archaeologist Özkan Sulak, the collapse of the 700 year-old 9 eye bridge to be unearthed and the next generations to transfer to the municipality as a result of their struggle for the 5 years now the bridge of the highways 14. He said that they were very happy to be restored and transferred to the next generations by making a TL spending of 480 thousand TL.
After the restoration works of the bridge, Arkeoloğ Özkan Sulak stated that the landscaping would be made as a recreation area for the benefit of the public and added that esi Mayor Süleyman Özkan attaches great importance to the restoration work. He follows the work closely. We are looking forward to the completion of this important project, which will shed light on our history as the Simavans, and to offer it to the public. Sim
Archaeologist Sulak emphasized that the restoration work of the historical 9 eye bridge has already aroused interest. Şimd Curious citizens come and go to the region frequently to examine the works while the contractor is doing his job. Simav-Bursa drivers who use the road for a short period of time to watch the work of the region is watching and work, un he said.
It is assumed that the 3-arched historical bridge on the 9rd kilometer of the Simav-Naşa-Bursa highway was built by Babuk Han during the Germiyanoğulları Principality period.

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