Adıyaman Municipality started to work on asphalt road

Adıyaman Municipality has started the asphalt work on the ring road: Adıyaman Municipality Asphalt teams 1. Hot asphalt began on the way to the environment. Asphalt teams of Adıyaman Municipality have completed the major part of the transportation density in the city center with hot asphalt. started working on the highway.
Previously 1. Hot asphalt will be made on the way to the environment in the area by freeze and the old asphalt has been removed and ready. 1 starting from the junction of the public hospital and going to the Running Park. hot asphalt paving was initiated on a road of about 3.5 miles along the ring road.
Asphalt work will be poured as double strip on both sides of the road and it will be completed in 1.2 days and will be opened to traffic again. Municipality asphalt teams after completing the work in this region Siteler Mahallesi Haydar Efendi Street will start hot asphalt work. Asphalt will be built on an area of ​​about 3 kilometers between the bridge and Atatürk Boulevard.

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