İzban Statement by TCDD

TCDD's Izban Statement: (İZBAN) Rail and signaling was not done by the municipality; Made by TCDD. It is also renewed by TCDD ”

It was stated by the General Directorate of TCDD that the rail and signalization of İZBAN in İzmir was made by TCDD, not by the municipality, and that it would be renewed by TCDD.

In the written statement made by TCDD, it was stated that there are news about İZBAN, mainly in the Izmir press, and it is necessary to make a statement about this.

izban only the railway administration in the rail system is not in the world in Turkey, local authorities and indicated that one of the most original projects carried out by the central government in collaboration with descriptions, TCDD way to render proper infrastructure to the modern suburbs of operations, determined izban expansion as a policy and It was recorded that it was put into practice.

“As claimed in the news, the rail and signaling was not done by the municipality, but by the TCDD. The renewal is also made by TCDD. ”In the statement, it was stated that the demand and need of the rail system for the public transport of the Izmir people was accepted by TCDD as the primary need and the requirement was fulfilled. In the statement, which stated that the establishment's suburban operating experience of more than half a century was established and shared with the local government by İZBAN AŞ, the national train network was also offered to the service of the city rail system.

“The first task of TCDD is to operate all kinds of train operations in the national railway network. The practice of giving up freight, passenger, regional or suburban business for one another means that TCDD does not perform its duty. If the national and regional train is not operated in İzmir, the same demand is for example Ankara, Istanbul, Manisa, Konya, Aydın, Adana etc. it will be on the agenda in the provinces and it will not be able to run trains in the national network of TCDD; so he will be unable to do his duty.

In summary, the issue raised in the news is not applicable. In addition, regional trains to and from Izmir do not want to be transported by national train passengers and they want their trains to reach the city center. In the feasibility study conducted by IMM before the start of the project, it is foreseen to run a train every 2015 in the 2020-12 minute. This prediction has reached the 2013 minute train range in 10. TCDD makes necessary preparations to run a train every three minutes.

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