6 Km Asphalt from Ordu Metropolitan Municipality

Ordu Büyükşehirden Yenikentte 6 Km Asphalt: Army Metropolitan Municipality, Unye Yenikent Mahallesi has started the paving study was completed. Within the scope of the asphalt work, the main road of 6 km of the neighborhood was covered with asphalt.
After the local elections in March, 30 is located in Ordu, which is the Metropolitan. 2 aims to eliminate the water and road problems of Ordu over the years. The Metropolitan Municipality is continuing its road works in many districts of Ordu. The group plans to make hot asphalt roads and neighborhood roads asphalt asphalt, the Metropolitan, about a month ago Unye Yenikent Mahallesi'nde has completed the asphalt work started.
In the neighborhood of Yenikent, 4 for Ekincik and 2 for Dağköy to 6.
Ekincik Village Assistance and Solidarity Association in Yenikent Osman Gurel and neighborhood people welcomed by the Secretary General Mustafa Çöpoğlu, road works faster than planned, he said.
Osman Gurel, the establishment of Ordu Büyükşehir'ın not yet 4 months before the commencement of asphalting of the neighborhood roads are extremely satisfactory, the solution to the problem of the neighborhood of the neighborhood in a short time with the same determination of the solution of the water in the Metropolitan said they expect.
He went to Yenikent to examine the asphalt works on site, and sohbet Secretary General Mustafa Çöpoğlu said, “Among the metropolitan cities established after the 30 March local elections, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality has completed its structuring fastest. While Ordu Metropolitan Municipality completes its establishment process, it also produces services. Within the scope of road works, group roads are asphalted with hot asphalt, and neighborhood roads are asphalted with surface coating. Weather conditions are an important factor in asphalt works. As long as the weather permits, these studies will continue quickly. Of course, the biggest problem with the road in Ordu is water. "We will plan the water problem in many neighborhoods and produce a joint solution."


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