Nafi Güral: Increasing Highway Costs

Nafi Gural: Highway Costs are Increasing Solution Rail. Kütahya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KUTSO) President Nafi Gural, freight transport in the Aegean region, generally increased the costs of the road is said to increase.

Güral, who wants to revise the establishment law of the development agencies, said, “The fact that freight transport is mainly done by road in our region increases our input costs, which negatively affects our exports. In this context, new lines to expand the rail network to be used for high-speed train passenger transport and cargo transport throughout the country. It must be opened. It should be planned to pass the Istanbul-Antalya high speed line route over Kütahya. Providing rail transportation to the OIZs will enable the transportation of products that have a significant share in the region's economy at a lower cost, thereby overcoming an important investment environment barrier. Development agencies should be reconsidered in the founding law, and the bureaucrat weight in the working structure and management of the ministry, like the provincial organization of the Ministry, should be equal with the private sector weight. It is our sadness that there is no road at the standards required for direct transportation between neighboring provinces in our region. Although it is a neighbor, it is not possible to explain that there are no roads for the transportation of two neighbors. Also, the absence of acceptable roads between the provincial center and other districts of our districts stands as an important obstacle in the development of our districts. ”

Drawing attention to the importance of the Balıkesir-Kütahya highway, President Nafi Güral said, “Transportation from Europe to Anatolia and even the Middle East passes through Istanbul. We present to your appreciation the importance of implementing the sufi road to be connected to Anatolia through Balıkesir through the Dardanelles. If this road is made; The traffic passing over Anatolia through Istanbul will be relieved. Transport inputs from Europe to Çanakkale Balıkesir Kütahya to Anatolia will decrease. New ports and customs will be established in the region, economic viability of the region will improve. The region will gain competitiveness. "The qualified road that will start from Muğla to Hatay along the Mediterranean will add a different value to the region, and will be an important factor in the development of the region's economy, as it will gain new tourism areas."

Reminding that 14 different ministries were permitted in the establishment of Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ), Nafi Güral said, “OIZs play a critical role in the development of the industry of the provinces. As the region, new OIZs are needed. We want the obstacles removed from 14 different Ministries to be facilitated in the establishment of OIZs. It is based on an older history. Although corrections were made in time, local factors that came together in the formation of OIZs remained the same. In practice, being a stakeholder of the province and the municipality brings serious problems with it. It will be appropriate to remove the province and the municipality from the stakeholder with an arrangement to be made in the OIZ law. TOBB should be turned into a roofing organization of OIZs, and it should play a regulatory role as in fairs, but transfer of material resources to OIZs should be prohibited. It should only play a regulatory, guiding and protective role. We think that it will be beneficial to realize the special OIZ application, which has been applied for about a year in the past years. However, while making this arrangement, we want private OIZs to have an understanding that will only serve investors, not as an organization that profits its founders and managers ”.

"We think that the incentives applied on the basis of provinces should be replaced by a district and product-based incentive system," said President Nafi Güral. "It is known that banks have unfair practices in the transportation of SMEs, especially small and micro enterprises to finance. The collections of banks, such as interest commission service fee, applied to micro and small business customers, are incompatible with fairness compared to the tariffs they apply to large customers. Efforts should be made to include the applications of banks to their customers within the Competition Board duties. Turkey need for skilled labor is a problem spread throughout. This problem stems primarily from the insufficiencies in the education system. In this context, new faculties are needed in our districts in the Aegean Region. Faculty opening of relief and hope to accelerate the process ediyoruz. you experienced the difficulties in the process of speaking the employment problem, Turkey has come to the point of being unable to find staff to run today. The social policies implemented by our state are eligible to generate income without working. We believe that, with the arrangements to be made, the inclusion of factors that will encourage and even oblige the work will contribute to finding staff. For the marble mining sector, which has an important place in the country's economy with the employment it creates and the added value it creates, it will be positive for the sector to reduce the land use costs to reasonable levels and shorten the land allocation permit periods ”.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 20:48

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