Istanbul Havaray Project will breathe traffic

Istanbul Havaray Project will breathe traffic: With the new project of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Havaray, traffic will be greatly relaxed. 47.8 thousand passengers per day can be transported on 10 separate lines of 200 kilometers.

A new era in public transportation begins in Istanbul. After the metrobus, metro, tram and cable car, the Havaray Project (in-air tram) was added to the transportation investments of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The system, which is considered in 10 different lines as a short distance, will fly from the air without affecting the current traffic and roads. The first tender for the survey works of the Havaray Project takes place next month. Istanbul Havaray Project, which brings an alternative road by carrying the rail system into the air, has also been determined to which neighborhoods to pass through.


4 will be built on the Asian side and 4 will be built on the European side. The air will move on the columns, so it will not affect the current traffic and routes.
The masses will be integrated with the metro and metrobus systems, and the airways will greatly ease the short distance transportation.


It is expected that the removal of minibuses will be made to the areas where the minibuses are provided. 40-50 can be transported in a day as a public transport system in Europe as well as in Japan and China. Those with high capacity can reach the capacity of 200 thousand passengers per day. The trip time between the stops of the system will be 2 minutes.


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