Ankara-Istanbul High-Speed ​​Train line causes more malfunctions

Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train line is more malfunctioning: YTD, which Erdogan opened with a big show, stayed on the road for the second time. Project engineers noted that these accidents were the first, and that even greater accidents could occur.

High-speed train (YHT) passengers between Ankara and Istanbul had a night full of nightmares.

Although the authorities say the fault has been rectified and the train continued on the road, it was revealed that the energy failure was not resolved and the train was brought to the station by another locomotive.

YHT on the opening day again remained on the road.

Garage officials in Ankara before the evening before the departure of YHT'nin, Köseköy Station, due to electrical failure caused by heavy rainfall had to stop due to stopped.

22.30 time of the clock was corrected and the train was moved.

However, it was later revealed that this train was brought to Köseköy station by the diesel engine, and could not continue on its way because the energy failure continued.


The train from Istanbul to Ankara was also kept in Izmit due to lack of energy in the lines in Köseköy region.

After a while, a third train from the Ankara direction started to be kept in Köseköy Station.

Meanwhile, waiting passengers for hours, Izmit Station learned that they continue their way with their own means.

The breakdown in YHT yesterday morning, the problem was caused by electrical failure in Izmit Köseköy reported.

After that, the switches in the transformer in the Tavşancıl district of Dilovası, and therefore the Tavsancil between Izmit Köseköy about a distance of approximately 30 kilometers from the energy could not be provided.

In addition, YHT refused to make any statement about this nightmare.


The engineers who worked in the project evaluated the failures at the High Speed ​​Train. Engineers who noted that the events were normal, said:

Du High-speed train was activated for Prime Minister Erdoğan's program and the Presidential propaganda without any further tests.

According to world standards, such a train is not called High Speed ​​Train, but we said. Accidents are minor accidents right now.

These are the first. It is likely that there are even bigger and fatal accidents.

The line was activated without warning. Mobile phone contact with High Speed ​​Train will not be the expedition. But there are no listeners. Ama

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