Ring Road Revolt in Kusadasi

Peripheral Highway Revolt in Kuşadası: The construction of the Peripheral Road, which is the most important main artery of Kuşadası and which passes through the city center where Selçuk-Söke routes are located, was started in November of 2013. It was announced that all the works along the junction between Tütüncüler Kavşağı and Sanayi Sitesi will be completed at the beginning of April in order not to have any negative impact on the tourism season. However, the construction of a ring road which has not been completed in April and has not been paid to the contractor due to lack of funds as a result of insufficient funds has made Kuşadası inevitable in the 2014 tourism season. The only way to open the side roads, no landscaping of the ring road, as well as the traffic congestion created by the negative appearance of the reaction causes.
The report was prepared by the Kuşadası Chamber of Commerce on the high impact of the ring road and tourism. In addition to the District Governorate, District Governor and General Directorate of Highways, the report was forwarded by Serdar Akdoğan, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Kusadasi, to the deputies and ministers of the region. Kusadasi Chamber of Commerce President Serdar Akdogan, said that the scandal happened in one word, as a result of the attempts made in recent Alınamayınca Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Chairman Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu asked for help from. Noting that Kuşadası was faced with a ring road scandal, Kuşadası Chamber of Commerce President Serdar Akdoğan stated that the report they prepared revealed the people living in the ring road with all its nakedness. we have many problems related to this. Due to the fact that the district is a port city and because of the commercial potential here,% 55 of the enterprises operating within the boundaries of Kuşadası has been stuck in an area with port centered 2km2. For this reason, there has been serious parking and traffic problems in the region from the center to the present ring road. The ring road that really passes through the city in time has taken its share from the rapid and unplanned growth and lost its feature of being a ring road. Today, when we look at the photographs taken from above, we see that there is a road that divides the city into two parts and there is absolutely no ring road, and more than half of the population lives on the upper side of this road which has lost the ring road. There are hundreds of shops and apartments on this road and the fact that the owners cannot drive vehicles and apartments due to the highways standards of highways are facing the reality. Yine
Noting that the problems brought by the road have reached serious levels, the Chairman of the Kuşadası Chamber of Commerce, Serdar Akdoğan, continued as follows: “Half of the population must pass this road to reach the center from the top of the road. There is a great risk of accidents in the vehicle and pedestrian crossings to occur. This danger will have frightening consequences, especially if it is assumed that our children going to school will choose the easy way and try to pass through dangerous places. It is not possible for over 200 shops and apartments, which are next to each other on the ring road, to park on this road. Taking into account their customers, this number of parks will increase. Due to the road standard built, the pavement system does not allow access to these apartments and shops. It will be appreciated that a shop without a vehicle in front of it will be dysfunctional and necessarily lowering the goods will be done dangerously on the road. Many neighborhoods and sites that were built on the top and bottom of this road have a problem of entry. For people living on these sites, the road will be a factor that makes life difficult. The section from Kuştur junction to Davutlar, Güzelçamlı junction is the section where the above problems will be experienced intensely. In Davutlar and Güzelçamlı neighborhoods, there are many summer sites apart from hotels. The population of this region rises over 300.000 in the summer. If we take into account the vehicle traffic brought by this summer population increase, there is a great concern that God bless the mortality rate will increase. As a result, our district needs a real ring road and this road is specified in the 100.000 zoning application. The road, which is currently under construction, does not actually qualify as a ring road but a main street passing through the city. Considering the fact that our district is the district with the fastest population growth rate in the province of Aydın, the construction of the ring road that really passes around the city and its arrangement as a main street will prevent many sad events that may arise in the future. Our room on the comprehensive report prepared by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey this negative AK Party of Regions MPs have delivered their reports at the meeting was a request made by and for the solution of the problem. In addition, the report was sent to the Governorate of Aydın, the Aydın Municipality, the Kuşadası District Governorate, the Kuşadası Mayor and all the deputies of the Aydın region. The ring road must be done ”



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