Konak Tunnels hurt many homes

The promise of the election Konak Tunnels have damaged many houses: the Konak Tunnels, which will join Yeşildere and Konak Square, which is among the İzmir 35 Izmir 35 Project ün, promised by the AK Party to win the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, has become a horror tunnel. A large number of people who had been living in the area where the construction of the tunnel passed and the houses were damaged in the works had to be moved. Cracks in their homes, nights, they can not sleep with fear, he says.
The former Minister of Transport Maritime and Communications Minister Yildirim, Izmir Metropolitan Mayor nomination during the period announced between the 35 project, Konak Tunnels, many people living in the area from home. After the Damlacık neighborhood, the inhabitants of Selçuk District were also the victims of the tunnel. On 636 Street, three apartments with a total of 37 apartments were evacuated. Deep cracks were found on the ground and lower floors of Güngöster Apartment, which is located in the same street as the 27 apartment. General Directorate of General Directorate of Highways went to the houses where the cracks occurred two or three times in different time periods upon the complaint of the residents of the apartments, and closed them with plaster, according to the information given by the landlords. On the ground floor of Güngöster Apartment Building, Kıymet Kevek, the mother of two children, said that the walls of his house had cracks in the walls of the Konak Tunnel. They don't know what to do, Kevek said. Ler They don't tell us anything. The cracks on the walls, we let you know, and the Highways crews are closing up. The walls of my house was like a patchwork. Ev He explained that the windows opened up to the house as well as the cracks and opened the entrance door open during the day. I have two children, frankly, we are afraid. İki
Accountant Ali Ismet Gölcük the cracks occurred in the house took the loan, there is more to pay the installment 54 said. 37 house was evacuated on the street where he was sitting, and he stated that there were 27 households in their apartment buildings. I bought my new home, I have to pay 54 installment, I do not know what to do. "He said. Golcuk, said the building was said to be intact, but the cracks in the middle, he said. His wife, Şükran Gölcük, stated that they were told that if you are afraid, you can leave your houses. Gölcük made a petition to the highway, but they did not get the answer to the four records that records Gölcük, ini temporary rent until the tunnel was given. We said we were afraid to get out of our house, but did not get results from the petition. Obviously we're afraid, it's a danger. We can't sleep at night. A voice came, 4. even those on the floor heard. We told the people from the highways, 'Don't panic'. They said.

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