ESHOT's phone is locked:

📩 25/11/2018 20:55

ESHOT's phone was locked: The new system of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality based on transfer has broken the habits of the citizens. Many passengers made an effort to learn the new system, some did not like, reacted.

However, almost every passenger type called the ESHOT General Directorate Public Communication Center. The headquarters's phone was locked out of intensity. The most frequently asked questions are, nereden How do I get to work? Im, eve How will I return home? Center staff answered individual questions. In addition to the questions coming to ESHOT, there were also some responses to the transmission system.

IZBAN needs reinforcement
Especially in the morning and evening İZBAN voyage came to complain about the intensity. The frequency of the expedition was demanded.
ESHOT General Directorate, increased the number of passengers oriented to the rail system, the city argued that the traffic is relieved. ESHOT officials stated that the advantages of the new system will be seen more clearly after the harmonization process,

M On the first day, the intensity and small-scale confusion in certain centers was not repeated on the second day due to the fact that the citizens were accustomed to the new system. The system is in the process of adaptation. Due to the change in the order they are accustomed to in public transportation, our fellow citizens who feel uneasiness and discomfort will see the advantages of this system after several days of adjustment. Certainly, there may be disruptions in some points. We examine in detail the data flows for all regions. We are intervening in places where there are problems. Aks ESHOT officials stated that rail system usage was made more active with the new transportation system.

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