An End to Exhaust Smoke with Rail System and Electric Bus in İzmir

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality saved the atmosphere from 4 thousand tons of carbon dioxide that “253 thousand trees can only clean” in the first 94 projects where renewable energy resources are used. In addition, thanks to the rail system network reaching 165 km, 1000 thousand tons of carbon dioxide emissions from the estimated 62 buses prevented from entering the traffic were prevented.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality striking examples of environmental investments in Turkey, gives great importance to the use of renewable energy to create healthy and climate-friendly city. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is a party to the Büyük Mayors Convention of the European Union, for the future generations and who is responsible for reducing the carbon dioxide emissions in the projects and services that are in the area of ​​responsibility until 2020 by 20, is taking firm steps to this goal.

Turkey's largest environmental project in Cigli Sludge Digestion and Drying Plant, still meander Treatment of drying with solar energy mud, electric buses into service and Ekrem Akurgal Life Park's electricity solar panels established to meet the need, at the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's environmental awareness concrete examples. These environmental investments have made significant contributions both to the economy and to the nature in a short time. With the use of renewable energy sources, Izmir, 253 bin tree could clear 94 thousand tons of carbon dioxide was saved.

Natural gas instead of biogas
2014 71 million pounds of investment in the Çiğli Waste Water Treatment Plant Mud Digestion and Drying units, 3,5 million cubic meters of biogas was produced per year. This biogas was used instead of natural gas in the sludge drying process. The value of the produced biogas was around 34,5 million pounds. Thus, the 23 thousand tons reduction in the carbon footprint was achieved as equivalent to the introduction of nearly one thousand trees.

IZSU evaluated the dried sludge produced in the Sludge Digestion and Drying Plant as X additional fuel UM in the cement plants and reached the capacity to produce 800 tons of dried sludge by reducing the total amount of sludge reached to 6 by about 120.

Savings in the sun
Due to the drying of the sludge in the Menderes Havza Waste Water Treatment Plant, which was put into service in August 2014, with solar energy, İZSU costs 1 million 360 thousand TL in both electricity and transportation costs. it saved. At the same time, with the use of renewable energy, the emission of 3 thousand 170 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere was prevented. At Menderes Havza Waste Water Treatment Plant, 2 thousand tons of sewage sludge is dried with solar energy annually, preventing the use of fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal. The amount of carbon dioxide that is prevented from emission to the atmosphere is big enough that 4 thousand 750 trees can only clean ...

Both saving and environmentally friendly
2 1 747 277 743 8 18 643 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX According to another account, the XNUMX bin XNUMX tree would be needed to clear the air pollution generated by the fuel-oil buses during the last XNUMX month.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality also established a solar power plant on the roofs of ESHOT's Buca workshops to produce electric buses.

Electricity need of Park of Life was met
Bayraklı The solar energy system, which was established to meet the energy needs of the Havagazı Plant and 40 percent of the energy required for the illumination of Ekrem Akurgal Yaşam Park, showed that this environmentalist investment was received in a short time. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality installed 217 solar panels in the park on a total area of ​​380 square meters, 336 on the roof of the gymnasium and 716 on the parking lot. The system was put into operation in August and 45 thousand kilowatt hours of electrical energy has been provided to date. 19 tons of carbon emissions were prevented.

End of exhaust smoke to rail system
Thanks to the rail system that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has delivered to 165 kilometers and has a potential of 750-800 thousand passengers per day, the air of İzmir remains clean. It was the realization of current investments, about 1000 more buses would have to be included in the traffic to transport the same amount of passengers.

According to the ratios of "carbon emission of buses using fossil fuels" based on the calculations made by ESHOT General Directorate regarding electric buses, 62 thousand tons of carbon dioxide emission per year was prevented in İzmir by only transporting passengers with the rail system.

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