Online Food Order Service For High Speed ​​Passengers In China

Online Food Order Service For High Speed ​​Passengers In China

From Monday, passengers will be able to order several catering brands, including KFC, from Monday's official train ticket booking website and mobile app, as well as delicious food served by rail, according to a statement from the Chinese Railways. Mobile applications will be able to pay directly from Alipay or WeChat Pay. The meals ordered online will be delivered by the railway staff to the seats of the passengers.

For now, the food ordering service from the internet covers only the fastest train stations in Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and other 24 big cities. Beijing, the capital of the country, is not listed first.

Some stations have a list of local dishes. Passengers at the Xi'an station, Rou Jia Mo or the Chinese meat burger can order noodles at Henan's Zhengzhou Station. With these positive changes, your fast train travel will turn into a gourmet trip!

Approved restaurant brands list their food products on the website and are subject to food safety audits by rail authorities.

Günceleme: 17/12/2018 19:02

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