Izmir's tram project caused a parking crisis

Izmir's tram project caused parking lot crisis: People of Izmir, President Kocaoğlu's words, "We have a parking lot for 1000 cars in İnciraltı", "Where is İnciraltı, where is Sahil Boulevard? There is such a distance in between. Where do we put our vehicles? Should we throw them into the sea? ”He reacted.

The “parking lot” crisis related to the tram project, in which the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to deliver the place to the contractor, has started. The fact that Fahrettin Altay Square-Konak-Halkapınar Tramway will destroy the 1900 vehicle capacity parking lots in Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard rebelled the citizens living in this region. Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, on the other hand, proposed a formula that will create a discussion about the parking lot crisis. Explaining that they will develop an underground car park project in the area with a filling area, Kocaoğlu has addressed İnciraltı, which is 4-5 kilometers away, to the citizens.

Reacting suggestion
"There is a cure for the question," If these underground car parks, which the Chamber of Civil Engineers explained, will be very difficult, if they cannot reach the tram ". We have a car park with a thousand vehicles in İnciraltı recreation area. ” Kocaoğlu also stated that they can move citizens from İnciraltı to their homes for free. On the presenter's words, "You are planning to build a car park that will spend 400 million lira on the tram, perhaps folding it four", Kocaoğlu said, "How four times? The figure will emerge as a result of the project. The cost has nothing to do with 400 million liras. ” Responding to this statement by Kocaoğlu, residents of the region said, “Where is İnciraltı and Sahil Boulevard? There is such a distance. "Where will we put our vehicles, should we throw them into the sea?"

“Considered later”
Stating that the Metropolitan Municipality made an important investment for transportation, but without talking, thinking and problems arising at the beginning, Civil Engineer Chamber Izmir Branch President Ayhan Emekli said, “While doing something, it should be considered within the scope of the project, instead of finding solutions to the problems that arise later, it should be handled entirely before. ” Retired, “Although it is not certain now, underground car parks are considered under the road or on certain parts of that road. As such, it is possible to build underground parking on the Beach Boulevard, but this has an important cost. Serious measures should be taken against groundwater. It is necessary to solve the parking problem in this way rather than its economic return and technical feasibility. Emphasizing that a system that complements each other and transfers passengers from the tram to the subway, from the ferry to the city bus, should be addressed, Emekli said that the city of the city receiving immigration has changed and that İzmir does not have an up-to-date Transportation Master Plan, which handles passenger and vehicle traffic since 2009.

Must use the motorway
Underlining that the tram line passing through the parking lot and the green area should use the vehicle road according to the current project, City Planners Chamber Izmir Branch President Özlem Şenyol Kocaer said, "If there is an underground parking lot, it would not be right to project such a project without sufficient feasibility study." Stating that the Üçkuyular tram should be passed over the road used by the vehicles, not as foreseen now, Kocaer said, “The green texture can be preserved here. Karşıyaka The tram line also passes in front of the ferry port. There will also be a bi-directional use. Therefore, it is risky in terms of citizens' security. Necessary measures need to be taken. ”

3 admitted after years
On the other hand, a statement came as a confession about the danger regarding the region where the construction of Üçyol-Üçkuyular Metro Line will be opened in the coming days. In the statement made by the municipality yesterday morning hours, the tear in the ground concrete that occurred in May 2011 and was hidden from the public for 3 years was confirmed. The statement includes the first tear due to water pressure, while the second tear in 2012 was never mentioned. On the other hand, Kocaoğlu also said that in addition to tunnel tearing, there was a landslide during the studies. Kocaoğlu said, “Drainage system is envisaged in the project and it is said that this is not enough. The report prepared by METU is his report. The contractor company requesting this ... All necessary precautions have been taken in this regard. We waited for the university to do a project for 13 months to pass 9 meters. There was a landslide. That land should not have slipped. A lot of chemicals were predicted. We bought 6 tons of chemicals, it was over where we first pressed. After that, it was a project again. You are not watching the Bostan field. Problems were overcome. At the moment, the trains are coming down. There is no problem. ”

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