Izmir Metropolitan Municipality announces 3 ship (Photo Gallery)

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality launched the 3 ship again: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which strengthened the sea fleet with modern, comfortable, fast and environment-friendly ships, took the new cruise ships Vahap Özaltay and Metin Oktay with the Kubilay car ship next time. Speaking at the ceremony, Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu urged the residents of Izmir to use the sea route in urban transportation.
In order to increase the share of maritime transportation in public transportation and to renew the existing fleet with modern, environmentalist and disabled vessels, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is implementing the m Sea Transportation Development Project amacıyla, joined the fleet with a new passenger ship and the last one of the ferry boats. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, Republican People's Party (CHP) Izmir Deputies Ali Yigit, Atilla Sertel, CHP Izmir Province President Ali Asuman Guven, Balcova Mayor Mehmet Ali Calkaya, Guzelbahce Mayor Mustafa Ince, Menemen Mayor Tahir Şahin, Karabağlar Mayor Muhittin Selvitopu, Çiğli Mayor Hasan Arslan and Urla Mayor Sibel Uyar and Altay Sports Club President Özgür Ekm ekçioğlu, Vahap Özaltay's son Güneş Özaltay, Metin Oktay's son Rıfat Pala and Kubilay ' His grandson Kemal Kubilay also attended.
a first in Turkey
Stating that they made a decision to adapt the sea transportation in the Gulf to the conditions of the day, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “We have done many studies with the support of our universities and examined the ship industry in the world. We went to renew our fleet, breaking new ground in Turkey. Today, the fleet of 15 ships that we have made of catamaran type carbon composite material is unique in the world. We brought many innovations to our ships with less fuel, less energy, wear-free materials, and for the use of the disabled and for children to have fun while traveling, and presented them to the people of Izmir. The patent of these ships belongs to a contractor company, but the creator is İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. And these ships have brought a great expansion and reference to the shipyard sector in Turkey. We also bought 3 new car ferries. With these ships, the comfort of the people of Izmir increased, and as this comfort increased, a new breath was given to transportation. kazanhas been raised,” he said.
500 million investment in sea transport
President Kocaoğlu underlined that the names given to the ships have been determined by the votes of the people of İzmir and that they are determined by the votes they use. Metin Oktay made a fair decision by selecting the passenger ships and the ferry boats by Hasan Tahsin, Ahmet Piriştina and Kubilay. I would like to thank the people of İzmir for their long-standing experience and for their valuable experience in Izmir Bay. Ik
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor continued as follows:
Iz The fleet will be equipped with a new 3 cruise ship, which will complement the number of cruise ships to 15. Each of our passenger ships cost about 9 million Euros, and each of our ferryboats cost about 10 million Euros. In order to increase the comfort in Izmir Bay, this service cost 500 tı 550 million pounds in total due to the change in the exchange rate. We're trying to get permission to Mavisehir, Quarantine, to build new piers. We are planning to organize trips to the middle and outer bay with the last two ships. We traveled to Mordoğan and Foça in the summer. But I have a request from the people of Izmir, as long as possible if you prefer the sea in urban transportation, both the economy of the country and the environment will be a great contribution. Ama
We have to make new roads
Stating that despite the new investments, the traffic congestion continued, Mr. Kocaoglu stated that they are working on new roads and continued as follows:
“I think it's a temporary solution to relieve traffic by making overpasses on old roads without making alternative roads. We have to make new ways. These are one Bayraklı- In the direction of Bornova, we made it from the 57th Artillery Brigade, that is, from Manisa road to the beach: Captain Ibrahim Hakkı Street, 35 meters wide. Starting from Konak Tunnels, we transform the road, which we call Homeros Boulevard but known as Uçanyol, into an important artery with a width of 35 meters and a length of 8 kilometers. Expropriation is progressing rapidly. In Altındağ, there will be a viaduct from the Jewish cemetery to Otogar and from there to the surrounding eyol. His tender is taking place this year. We cross the hill above Gültepe with a double tunnel of 2 thousand 450 meters. We are holding its construction tender in December this year. After completing this investment, I believe that the upper parts of Buca and Bornova and certain parts of Konak will relax ”.
Kubilay, Oktay and Özaltay
At the ceremony, the names of the names of the ships given to the ships were made speeches. Greater fleet 11. ü We are very happy to be named as a manifestation of love for my father who always be proud of being a man in Izmir, Alt 12 says. Rıfat Pala, the spiritual son of Metin Oktay, who is a Turkish football player from Izmir, and the grandson of Kubilay, Kemal Kubilay said, Metin We thank the people of İzmir for giving us a great honor and pride.

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