Turkey Statistical Institute of Road Traffic Accident Statistics

Turkey Statistical Institute of Road Traffic Accident Statistics: Turkstat published the county traffic statistics - According to TUIK data, Turkey in 2013 161 thousand 306 mortal injury traffic accident occurred.
1441 of these accidents took place in Çanakkale. According to the Road Traffic Accident Statistics Turkey Statistical Institute, the road network in the year 2013 with a total of 1 million 207 thousand 354 pieces of traffic accidents occurred. 1 million 046 thousand 048 of these accidents were recorded as material injuries and 161 thousand 306 as traffic accidents with fatal injuries. In Çanakkale, the number of mortal and injured districts that occurred in 2013 was recorded as 1441. 74,5 percent of fatal injury traffic accidents that occurred during the year occurred in the settlement and 25,5 percent outside the settlement. In Turkey occurred in 2013 161 thousand 306 fatal injuries as a result of traffic accidents 3 thousand 685 people lost their lives while 274 thousand 829 people were injured. While 37,2 percent of deaths and 66,7 percent of injuries occurred within the settlement, 62,8 percent of deaths and 33,3 percent of injuries were out of the settlement. Drivers accounted for 42,8 percent of those killed in traffic districts. Among the misdemeanors that caused the accident, the driver's defects were in the first place with 88,7 percent. It was stated that 9 percent of the accidents were by pedestrian, 1 percent by road, 0,9 percent by vehicle and 0,4 percent by travel. Districts with fatal injuries were at most August at least in February. 66,6 percent of fatal injury accidents occurred during the day, 30,3 percent at night and 3,1 percent at twilight.


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