Logitrans 2013 consolidates its place in the logistics industry

Logitrans 2013 reinforces its position in the logistics industry: the 7, which lasts for three days. The international logitrans Transport Logistics Exhibition, 23 November 2013, has been successful in history. 21 exhibiting company from 206, 56 introduced products and services to 11,797 people from different countries. The visitor quality was very impressive at the fair, which increased its international character.
Holger Föh, Head of the Fair and Events Department of the German logistics company BLG Logistics Group, expressed their satisfaction with the visitor quality as follows: “We were extremely surprised that the fair has developed in such a positive way and we can say that we will attend here again in 2014. As BLG, we not only made a lot of connections, they were also of very high quality. ” Wido AH Lange, Accounting Manager of Noy Logistics, who participated from the Netherlands, was among the participants who were equally satisfied and commented: “logitrans 2013 went beyond our expectations. The number of visitors was high and it contained a lot of potential. "
After Turkey, the countries with the highest participation were from Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Lithuania, respectively. The international participation rate approached 15 percent. Ekol Logistics Corporate Communications Manager Mirace İrem Koyuncu touched upon this issue and said: “We consider the logitrans Istanbul Fair as a very useful platform that brings all the stakeholders of the industry together, enables new collaborations and develops commercial relations. We observed the effects of the marketing activities carried out for the fair this year, the increase in the number of visitors was quite satisfactory for us. With each passing year, this number is increasing. kazanWe believe in your life.”
More than 10 percent of the companies exhibiting in two halls of approximately 50 thousand square meters have participated from abroad. Albania, Croatia, Lithuania and Ukraine kezkatılırk the most fair for the first exhibition in Turkey, then Germany, Italy, Austria and Latvia took place.
Many firms opted for the concept of country pavilions for the first entry of Turkey into the market. Among them, Managing Director of Germany Schwaben Logistics Cluster Dr. Robert Schönberger, "logitrans 2013 offered a good opportunity for our companies to take the first step into the German market with a national participation of Turkey. The 'one-stop shopping' concept and the first class support of the organizers made it easier for us to enter the market. "
For the first time this year, Air Cargo pavilion was created in cooperation with AZ Group. Welcoming this concept, Lufthansa Cargo General Manager Hasan Hatipoğlu said,, Despite our first participation, we experienced three fair days which were very positive and efficient. I strongly advise my colleagues in the Air Freight sectors to participate in the 2014 already. Hava
Turkish Cargo Promotion and Advertising Manager Engin Mücahit Özvar said, ından Turkish Cargo was happy to be a part of the logitrans 2013 ından. Our panel on Sektör Opportunities and Threats in the 2014 year Turkish Air Cargo Sector m which took place within the scope of logitrans attracted great interest. Logitrans will see you at 2014. log
According to the survey held during the fair, 92 percent of the participants stated that they will be able to exhibit again in logitrans 2014, and some companies have already signed their contracts for the next year. Taha Cargo Chairman of the Board Emin Taha, one of the first participants of 2014, said, “The logitrans fair, which has an important place in promoting our company both at home and abroad, has made a significant contribution to our activities this year as well. We will be happy to be in logitrans next year as well. "
In the meantime, the participants of the logitrans Ceynak, Taha, Etis, Soft, ULS, Okura, Euroulak / Ulustrans, GPS-Buddy and Ulukom 2014 in the year, confirming their participation, showed their belief in the development of the fair.
While the Turkish logistics market has been growing for years, it offers great potential for both national and international companies. logitrans enables people to come together and benefit from this potential. Murat Hatabay, General Manager of Catoni Marine Operations, commented on this subject: “The logitrans being the only international fair where we have had a stand for four years uninterruptedly is the best indicator of our belief in the importance of this event. Growing every year, logitrans has become an indispensable meeting center where we come together with our shipowners, overseas offices, service providers, freight forwarders and our end customers. expressed in the form. “Port of Calais has been participating in logitrans since 2010,” said Anthony Petillon, who is in charge of Calais Port Development and Strategy in France. We appreciate this one of the rare events where we can get together with transport companies and road hauliers. Turkey also fair market is growing rapidly and becoming more professional every time. See you next year! ” He commented.
The next International Logitrans Transport Logistics Fair will be held in Istanbul between 20-22 November 2014.

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