Greece to Add Crisis to Logistics Sector

Greek Crisis to Accelerate the Logistics Sector: Greece's recent economic crisis, the eyes of the country's logistics sector was translated into. Because Greece still has the largest sea logistics fleet in the world in terms of tonnage and the logistics sector is a vital source of income for the country. However, it is estimated that this sector will be adversely affected by the country's general economic crisis.

Although a significant part of the operations of the logistics sector abroad, countries are affected negatively in all aspects of economic crises. Underlining that the global economy always wants stability and peace, Tek continued: u I think that the crisis experienced by Greece will have a negative impact on the logistics sector. The demand for Greece in the global logistics market will decrease. At this point, it would be nice for Turkish firms to play a more active role and get as much share as possible from this cake. There may even be an increase in ship and company sales in Greece. Opportunities to arise from here can also be evaluated. Buradan

May be an Opportunity to Change Balances
In marine logistics tonnage capacity (DWT) Altınay as stating that Greece is having about 9 times the size of Turkey's Single, unfortunately strategically very Although we are in a special position said stating that we are far from the point we desire in maritime logistics; Tı Greece has taken successful steps in the logistics field over the last 20 years. The EU has made contributions to these steps, of course, but they have reached a level that is difficult to catch both in terms of infrastructure and commercial transport. We are in favor of the recovery of the crisis in which Greece is currently living. On the other hand, we want to increase our market share by taking bigger steps in the logistics sector. Many industry representatives who are in close contact say that their desires are in this direction. Yakın

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