16 Bursa

Skate Enjoyment on Tramway

Skating Pleasure on the Tramway: In Bursa, the tramway between Kent Square and Heykel became the new favorite of skaters. The young man from Bursa made a show with his skates on the road closed to traffic except for the tram on Atatürk Street. Transport your skates in daily life [more…]

43 Austria

Ischgl is written, İsgıl is read

Ischgl is written, Isgil is read: It is a brand beyond being a ski resort in the Tyrol region, squeezed between the Swiss and Austrian border. If you want to both slide and have fun in winter, add Ischgl to your list. Except for Ischgl around this [more…]


2014 will be a year of development for railways

2014 will be a year of development for the railroads: In our country, rail systems, large projects submitted to the service and 2023 target with his wife in the first years of the Republic continues to move with a mobility. TCDD, which is the locomotive of this journey, has high speed [more…]

34 Istanbul

Eyüp will connect to the metro with the funicular

Eyüp will be connected to the metro by funicular: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Topbaş said, "We will build a superficial funicular from Bayrampaşa Metro Station to Eyüp Square so that our citizens of Eyüp can reach the metro easily." Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş said, “In Eyüp Sultan Square, Eyüp [more…]

Road Guard

Road Keeper Lives His Last Days

Road Keeper Lives Its Last Days: 'Road Keeper' is the story of Mustafa Doğan, who has been doing road maintenance, repair and repair work on state railways for 38 years. Mustafa Doğan (1975), who started working at the State Railways (DDY) in 57, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Üsküdar Square Arrangement and Üsküdar Metro Station (Video)

Üsküdar Square Arrangement and Üsküdar Metro Station: Üsküdar Square Arrangement Ensuring the solution of existing transportation problems in Üsküdar Square and its surroundings Making arrangements that ensure the integration of different transportation systems and bring pedestrian circulation to the fore. Üsküdar Square in Istanbul [more…]

06 Ankara

High Speed ​​Train

Burglar brake on high speed train: Theft events in the last two years cost both money and time for the high speed train project. Authorities continue their investigations, taking into account all kinds of possibilities, including "sabotage". Completed in 2010 [more…]


Better service in Konya Garda destination

Konya Garda target better service: In order to provide better service in Konya Station Directorate, the managers of TCDD 6 region 7 region and YHT Regional Directorates and representatives of non-governmental organizations meeting under the direction of Konya Garage Manager Yalçın Tekkalmaz [more…]

01 Adana

Chemical Spraying Warning on Railway | Karaman

Chemical Spraying Warning on Railway: Karaman Municipality warned the citizens not to approach the places where the works were carried out, upon the information that the weeds would be cleaned with chemical spraying method within the scope of the new railway works of TCDD General Directorate between Adana and Mersin. From Karaman Municipality [more…]

61 Trabzon

Akçaabat will reach the ropeway

Akcaabat will reach the ropeway: Realization of the cable car project Akçaabat'i commercially revive, the mayor will say BDP Akcaabat Mayor candidate Muharrem Bayraktar, "Akçaabat'in want to vote for the future," he said Akçaabat will reach the cable car with the cable car project Akçaabat'i commercial direction [more…]


Trabzon's Projects Are Introduced in Ankara Activities

Trabzon's Projects are Introduced at Ankara Events: Trabzon's projects are being promoted at the "Trabzon in Every Aspect" events that started yesterday in Ankara. The projects are exhibited at the joint booth of Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Trabzon Commodity Exchange. TTSO, "Trabzon and transform the Eastern Black Sea to Turkey [more…]

25 Erzurum

Snowboard 1. Stage Races started

Stage 1 began Snowboard Races: Turkey organized by the Federation of Skiing "Phase 1 Racing Snowboard" began. 15 athletes from 199 provinces participated in the races held at Palandöken Ski Center. In the competitions held in the categories of adults, youth, children and minors, athletes [more…]

16 Bursa

Necati Şahin: We will remove the Nostalgic Tram

Necati Şahin: We will remove the Nostalgic Tram. CHP Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Necati Şahin stated that they will remove the Nostalgic Tram, which runs on the Cumhuriyet and İncirli Streets when they arrive, and they will open the Cumhuriyet Street to one-way traffic. Election studies [more…]

16 Bursa

Countdown started for the opening of Bursaray Kestel line

The countdown for the opening of the Bursaray Kestel line has started: The works on the Bursaray Kestel line, which Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has implemented in order to bring uninterrupted and comfortable transportation with the east of the city, although it is not in the program this period, has reached the final stage. Bursa [more…]

first domestic diesel train set Anatolia
10 Balikesir

First Domestic Train Services Started

The first trains began to locals: Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation (TÜVASAŞ) by the first domestic diesel train sets manufactured in Adapazari "Anatolia", it has launched flights between Izmir-Balikesir-Bandirma ceremony. Balıkesir Governor Ahmet Turhan, at the ceremony held at the Train Station, [more…]


High-Speed ​​Train to be powered on T3 line

High Speed ​​Train will be energized on T3 line: In a statement on its website, Kocaeli Governorship announced that electricity will be supplied to the Kocaeli Gebze-Istanbul Pendik section of the YHT line tonight. In the statement made on the site, "The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications; 2nd of Marmaray Project [more…]