06 Ankara

The engineer's attention prevented the disaster

The attention of the machinist prevented the disaster: The train carrying passengers between Izmir and Ankara was about to enter the Uşak Train Station. The passenger train named Izmir Blue Train will take off from Izmir Alsancak Train Station on Thursday, February 27, 2014, at 18.30 pm. [more…]


Logistics industry alarm

Logistics sector in alarm: Logistics Head of Batumi, indicating that deeply affected the logistics sector of the political turmoil in Turkey Taner Ankara "currently dominated by a serious uncertainty. The number of logistics companies that shut down in two years has approached 120. Our work is left to the end of the elections " [more…]


Transport Officer-sen Chairman Cankesen Statement

Transport Officer-sen President Cankesen Statement: Can Cankesen, Chairman of the Transport Employees Union (Transport Officer-Sen), affiliated with the Confederation of Memur-Sen, said, “The loyalty and loyalty railway workers should be saved from the victimization of 50 years. We continue our service with the same sacrifice. [more…]


Tram hits high school student (Video)

The tram hit a high school student: A high school student named Kader Ekentok, who was hit by the tram in Konya, was injured. The tram running the Campus-Alaaddin expedition under the direction of Ömer T. (35) is near Aydınlıkevler stop in the central Selçuklu district, a high school student who wants to cross the rails. [more…]


Çorum high-speed train project in 2023 program

Çorum high-speed train project 2023 program: Corum, such as an airport, but there is no plan to express significant developments in the railway, the Provincial Chairman of the Ceylan, Erdogan's rally in our city because of the intense program to cancel the rally, he said. Tax Week [more…]


From TULOMSAS to Van Lake Ferries

From TÜLOMSAŞ to Van Lake Ferries: Tülomsaş Brand Diesel Engines, which are certified as the first domestic diesel marine engine, will be used in Van Lake Ferries. TÜLOMSAŞ received the order of last year to be used in Van Lake Ferries [more…]

34 Istanbul

Introduced the first domestic wagons of Istanbul

Istanbul's first local wagons were introduced: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor and AK Party Candidate Kadir Topbas, the first local tram in Istanbul, conducted the test drive. Kadir Topbaş speaking at the introduction in Topkapı Tram Station, reducing dependence abroad and [more…]

98 Iran

UND reacts to Iranian practices

UND reacted to Iranian practices: Changes in Iranian transportation to the detriment of the Turkish carrier in the last 10 years were expressed by Fatih Şener. With the negative developments in international transportation, UND, in order to overcome these developments [more…]

06 Ankara

Bozankayafirst domestic tram ready for production

Bozankayafirst domestic tram ready for production:Bozankaya The Group is preparing to explain Turkey's first TRAMBUS the Eurasia Rail Fair. Serving with its solutions in the field of public transportation since 1989 Bozankaya The Group at the Eurasia Rail Fair 100 percent low-floor [more…]


Samulaş 55 Million Passenger Carried

Samulaş Transported 55 Million Passengers: SAMULAŞ has shared the happiness of transporting 20 million passengers since the rail system line was put into operation on 2010 October 55. SAMULAŞ, since 20 October 2010, when the rail system line was put into operation [more…]

65 Van

From waitresses to Turkey Championship

From waitresses to Turkey Championship: Van hawthorn county in which the waitresses at the ski resort Soyalp Adam, who first held this year in Turkey Ski Orienteering Championship in Turkey has obtained the first prize. As a seasonal worker, as a waiter at Abalı Ski Resort Facilities in Gevaş district [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobus malfunctioned density occurred

Metrobus malfunction occurred: a metrobus Avcılar-Zincirlikuyu time 09.00 line at the Caglayan stop malfunctioned. Due to the malfunction, the citizens got off the metrobus and got into other metrobuses. The malfunctioning metrobus was removed. However, due to the malfunction of the long BRT [more…]

31 Netherlands

One second between life and death (Video)

A second between death and life: As part of a new safety campaign launched in the Netherlands on trains and railways, images of how a woman survived being trapped by a train were released. Security camera footage posted by ProRail shows a woman covered [more…]