Darica Aşıroğlu Junction Completed

📩 29/11/2018 18:27

Darıca Aşıroğlu Junction Completed: Completed works at Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Darıca Bridge Interchange. The Marmaray line which is under construction and the bridge junction located at the distance of 250 meters to Osmangazi Station will be of great importance for the region.
D-100 Work at Aşıroğlu Köprülü Junction, located at the intersection of Aşıroğlu and Ankara streets on the highway, has been completed. Under the project, an underpass was constructed at the intersection point of Aşıroğlu Street and Ankara Street. The tunnel section of the junction 31 meter width was arranged as 140 meter branch. The two-way side roads were turned in one direction.
While the inner part of the intersection will be 2 × 2 round trips, the side roads will flow in one direction. The intersection will make D-100 traffic transit, with a connection between Gebze and Darıca in the north-south direction. Vehicles going to Gebze and Darıca direction will be able to go in the direction they want by using the side roads and the crossroads on the tunnel.

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