Centennial Steam Locomotive Restored

The century-old steam locomotive had Restore: Turkey State Railways (TCDD) and Karabük University (KBU) signed the protocol, it was restored century-old steam locomotive in form of scrap.
TCDD Gar Store in Karabük, 39-ton locomotives out of service in 1987, remaining after giving 101 years service in Turkey, restoration was done by placing the campus of the University of Iron and Steel under the protocol.
Rector of KBU Dr. Burhanettin Uysal, told reporters, the new location of the steam locomotive brought in the scrap state and restored, with the new face of the university has become the rarest part of the university, he said.
Restoration of the 2 months, describing Uysal, said:
“The restoration work was done by our students with great devotion and meticulousness. This process was an unforgettable experience for our students as well. First, all the excessively rusted hair on the main body was cleaned. Sheets suitable for the original were cut and assembled at the required places for the main body. The locomotive, which carried years of fatigue on it, was extremely oiled and rusted. Some of these oiled and rusted parts were scraped and some were cooled down to -78.5 degrees and then cleaned with dry ice method by spraying compressed air. "
Uysal stated that they also installed the original headlights of the locomotive working with gas lamps and said, “The color of the locomotive was painted with a primer paint in accordance with the original and its deficiencies were eliminated. The interior of the machinist's room is also covered with wood in accordance with the original, and the sound of a whistle is played every hour with the sound system installed in the locomotive. I would like to thank our students, faculty members and other employees who contributed to the restoration process. " said.
Uysal, the wagon part of the work is done, the locomotive is planned to be added to sleeper wagon.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 18:27

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