CHP: Gaziantep Light Rail System tender must be canceled

CHP: Gaziantep Light Rail System tender should be canceled. CHP Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Candidate Akif Ekici said that the biggest problem of Gaziantep is traffic and demanded the cancellation of the tender for the 4rd stage of the Light Rail System to be held by the Metropolitan Municipality on February 3.
Akif Ekici held a press conference regarding the works he carried out before the local elections. Speaking at the meeting attended by CHP Provincial Chair MEHMET GÖKDAĞ and District Presidents, Ekici from CHP stated that the biggest problem of Gaziantep is urban transportation and traffic. Stating that the 10-year Ak Party municipality administration could not find a solution to this problem, Ekici said, “Due to the route not included in the Transportation Master Plan, on Zübeyde Hanım Boulevard and Muammer Aksoy Boulevard, the traffic in urban transportation has reached the point of congestion. With a management approach that is disconnected from citizens and the people of Kant, an inextricable traffic problem has started to occur. Now, we learned that a new Light Rail System route covering Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, İnönü Street and Hürriyet Caddesi will be determined and tendered for construction on February 4th. Doing this on such narrow roads will have very bad consequences for the city. This route, which was drawn without determining alternative roads, will increase the traffic load in the city even more. It would be in the city's best interest to postpone or cancel the tender in order to wait for the next mayor of the next term without rushing it so much ”.
Explaining that they will realize the projects they prepared to solve the traffic problem if the Mayor is elected, Ekici emphasized that they will project the light rail system to cover the Organized Industrial Zone.

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