Akdağ Ski Center Was Empty

Akdağ Ski Resort Was Empty When It Didn't Snow: The Akdağ Winter Sports and Ski Center, located in the Ladik District of Samsun, was empty this season due to the snow falling below seasonal normals.

In the region where Akdağ Winter Sports and Ski Center, which is located 7 kilometers from the Ladik District of Samsun and started its operations in 2010, last December, as a result of the falling snow, about 10 centimeters of snow kept on the ski slope. However, the snow melted on the ski slope in Akdağ, at an altitude of 800 meters, as the rain did not continue and the air temperatures increased. The ski center, which has a 300-meter-long chair lift and 675-meter track, was empty when there was no snow. The number of visitors to the center, which was visited by an average of 35 thousand people during the winter season, decreased by 50 percent. Especially at the weekend, athletes and citizens from Amasya, Sinop and Çorum came to ski, and the facility was left without snow due to the living drought.

Ladik District Governor Furkan Sancaktutar stated that this year the snow that fell on Akdağ did not continue and the existing snow melted, “When it snows, an average of 5 people visit the center on weekends. However, there is nobody calm now as it is not snowing this year. Since there is no snow again, some of our citizens go only to see the view. We hope that with the resumption of snowfall, our Akdağ ski resort will become active and will continue to contribute to the tourism of our district ”. On the other hand, citizens prayed for rain in some mosques in the district.


Meteorology 10th Regional Manager Murat Asar, stating that the precipitation in the Black Sea Region decreased by 2013 percent compared to seasonal normals in 18, said, “There was a decrease in precipitation by 24 percent in Samsun city center and 52 percent in Bafra District. A light rainfall will be seen in Samsun on Wednesday and Thursday this week. However, by the end of the week we expect precipitation Sunday moderate strength across the whole of Turkey. This means that the farmers' prayers will be accepted. It can benefit them a little ”.

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