Çelikhan district is built for the establishment of a ski resort

Arms rolled up to establish a ski center in Çelikhan district: Çelikhan District Governorship and İpekyolu Development Agency rolled up their sleeves to establish a ski center in Çelikhan district, where winter conditions are long, with the project they prepared. Within the scope of the project prepared by Çelikhan District Governorship and İpekyolu Development Agency, who rolled up their sleeves to establish a ski resort in Çelikhan, where winter conditions were quite long, inspectors appointed by the Ministry of Tourism made examinations for the ski facility in the district. Specialist staff member Mustafa Küçükbakar and İpekyolu Development Agency expert Yavuz Turan from the General Directorate of Sports visited Ömer Dağdeviren, Çelikhan District Governor in his office, and exchanged information about the construction of the ski run in Çelikhan, which will be established for winter tourism.

Later, Abdrurrahman Yel, Agricultural Engineer at the District Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Hüseyin Küçükbakar, an expert at the General Directorate of Sports, and Yavuz Turan, an expert at İpekyolu Development Agency, guided the region to be introduced. The northern slope of Akdağ at 2700 altitude, which is the continuation of the Taurus Mountains and the highest mountain of Çelikhan, and the Ulubaba Mountain and floating islets were investigated and site studies were carried out for the construction of a ski run for winter sports in Çelikhan. Çelikhan District Governor Ömer Dağdeviren recorded the following words in his statement; “In order to build a ski facility for winter sports in our district, it was stated in the Gap tourism master plan that Çelikhan district has a good potential in terms of winter tourism. In this context, he sent the technical staff of the Ministry of Sports and made examinations in the areas of interest.

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