Ergan Mountain Ski Resort Awaits All Ski Lovers and Visitors

Ergan Mountain Ski Resort Flows to All Ski Lovers and Visitors: The Governor of Erzincan Süleyman Kahraman examined the facilities at the facilities hosting the visitors after the opening of the Ergan Mountain Ski Center.

Governor Süleyman Kahraman, Erzincan Ak Party Deputy Serkan Bayram, Erzincan Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Suleyman Sarak accompanied.

Governor Hero in the inspections of the facilities to visit Ergan Mountain and skiing athletes to visit the "welcome" by saying that they are satisfied with the services provided in the facilities of the plant, "you think of our citizens in this decent environment prepared by giving new compositions, I wish you to spend fun times." He said. Ergan Mountain visitors to the Governor Kahraman, Ergan Mountain, and the innovations presented in the services provided by the very successful, stating that the tourism center provided to Erzincan Governor Kahraman said.

Governor Süleyman Heroes, all ski lovers Turkey, which has the longest ski slopes invited Erkan Mountain Ski Center, pointed out that the region has a service that can remove all kinds of events.