Bursa will be one of the production centers in the world on the rail system

Bursa will be one of the production centers in the world in terms of rail system: Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe stated that certain steps have been taken in the development of rail systems in the city, and that sub-industry parts have started to be produced in Bursa as well as domestic tram production. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Durmazlar He visited Makine and examined the local tram production works on site.
Drawing attention to the fact that the city is a pioneer in rail systems, President Altepe said, “At the beginning of the period, Bursa will become one of the production centers of the rail systems in the world”. In Bursa, where tram production is continuing, we have started to tender our BursaRay and subway vehicles and prepared them for the construction, and on the other hand, we have started to produce the infrastructure of the high speed trains produced by the French companies. ”
Drawing attention to the strong potential of Bursa, Mayor Altepe said, “The bogieler (spark plug), which are the main parts of the high speed train tracks, are also in Bursa. Durmazlar produced by. Manufacturing of tram, metro and high-speed train started in Bursa. At the same time, while the rail system vehicles are being produced, the supplier industry is also developing. Bursa is rapidly progressing to become an important center of the world in this sector not only with its tools but also with the sub-industry. ”
Mayor Altepe added that they received the results of their work in a short time in the sector, where a rapid entry was made. The goal is the development of Turkey Durmazlar Machine Management Board Chairman Huseyin Durmaz in a sector not in Turkey Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe stating that they stepped on the occasion, "there was no such industry in Turkey. Mr. Altepe, when we were instrumental, we aspired to do this work and got up from it. These trams produced in Bursa have been carrying 2-3 thousand passengers daily since 9-10 months. ”
Durmaz, noting that they experience the pride of success, the next process in the sector's development, the industrialists in Bursa do more work and thus also said they aim the development of Turkey. Durmaz said, “We are moving towards our goal. Hopefully, one day the high speed train Durmazlar family, ”he said, emphasizing that high speed train production is among its goals.




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