Eskişehir Local Production Pressed Button for High Speed ​​Train

single cozum national industry
single cozum national industry

Eskişehirde domestic production has pressed the button for fast train: Turkey's 158 years of railway history in the establishment of the first draw workshops, which manufactured the first domestic steam locomotive Karakurt Eskisehir, disclosed last month "National Train Project" is excited about the being the city that will produce the high-speed train . According to the information compiled by the reporter, Eskişehir's meeting with the railway started in 1894 when the Istanbul-Baghdad railway line passed through the city. On the same day steam on the Anatolia-Baghdad railway by the German locomotive and wagon repair by establishing small workshops given Anatolian-Ottoman troupe name in Eskisehir to meet the needs of today's Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry AŞ (The contractor) has laid the foundation for.

The name of the Anatolian-Ottoman Company was changed as "Eskişehir Draw Workshop" by Kuva-i Milliye on 20 March 1920. In Eskişehir Draw Workshop, units that will produce Kazanhane, Çarkhane, Marangozhane, Köprü, Railway Scissors, Weighbridge and road safety materials between 1925-1928 have been put into service and an important road has been covered in order to break the dependency. In those years, 3-4 locomotives and 30 passenger and freight cars were repaired annually in Eskişehir. Eskişehir Cer Atölyesi is organized in 1958 under the name of “Eskişehir Railway Factory” for new targets. In line with this goal, the first Turkish steam locomotive Karakurt, which is 1961 horsepower, weighing 1915 tons, and capable of speeding 97 kilometers / hour, is manufactured. High speed trains will be produced within the scope of the "National Train Project" announced on December 70, 17 in Eskişehir, which has gained a significant momentum in the railway sector since then.

One of the stakeholders in the high-speed train process that TÜLOMSAŞ will produce will be the Eskisehir Rail Systems Cluster, which brings together the rail system manufacturers in the city. Anadolu University together with them (AI) by will be implemented, and the setup process is ongoing "National Rail Systems Research and Testing Center" (URAYS I) in Turkey will be an important center of expertise for the rail system. URAYSİM, which will be the only test center that can reach 400 kilometers / hour speed in the world, will also enable testing of high speed trains produced in Europe.
In Eskişehir, which has a significant potential in the field of rail systems, it continues its development efforts for the sector from four branches. After the Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO), which is working on the development of rail systems as an important element in the future of the city, ESO Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone took an important step and took action to establish 4 new specialized OSBs for only one sector. Trainings for the industry are given in Anadolu University, Rail Systems Electric and Electronic Technology Program, Rail Systems Machine Technology Program, Rail Systems Mechanism Program, Rail Systems Road Technology, Transportation Services Department and Rail Systems Management Program.

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